Supernatural: The Bad Seed Review

The boys are set on a short winding path filled with danger and darkness.

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural: Season 11, Episode 3

Our little baby Darkness is growing fast. Only three episodes in, and she’s developed into a soul consuming teenager. Wonder how Crowley will deal with her form of teenage rebellion. Will Hell run out of expendable demons to feed to Amara? And even when Crowley senses the problem with Amara’s ravenous appetite, when he tries to put her on a diet, he finds he doesn’t have the control he hoped he did. I do believe that even through our King of Hell realizes he’s dealing with a powerful evil, he forgets that this particular evil is not in fact an impressionable little girl, but a fiendish presence that has been around before time itself. Crowley has bitten off more than he can chew with this attempt at a mega-powerful ally, and at this rate it makes you wonder how soon things will be out of hand.

Speaking of the word “mega,” that’s also the prefix in Rowena’s lame attempt at creating her own coven. The Mega Coven falls mostly on deaf ears. She almost got some takers when a demonic waiter cut into her meeting and her potential follower. It’s just so hard for Rowena to make friends, the poor dear. Luckily this snafu makes the headline that allows the Winchester boys to find Rowena. Dean dresses as a casual taxi driver in a clever ruse to capture Rowena. His outfit is a refreshing change of pace from his usual tough guy jackets and plaid. Rowena also plays dress up, though her blonde wig and American accent didn’t do as good a job. She’s captured, and set to the task of lifting her Attack Dog spell from Castiel.

Misha Collins got to play the bad guy of the episode for one exciting scene in which Castiel, under the influence of Rowena’s magic, follows and attacks a woman. There was some nice work done in the lighting and production design of the alley and building that she hides in that amped up the drama. She starts in a harshly colored alleyway, in purples and blues, and chooses to enter through the only solid red door in sight. As she travels deeper into the building, through shafts of dramatic lighting, we see other aspects of the color red throughout, including the shelving she hides behind. We as the viewer already know the woman is done for, because the color has tipped us off to the danger. If Cas wasn’t stopped in time, there’s no doubt he would have killed that woman, just another casualty of Rowena’s dark magic.

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An unnamed angel and demon meet in a bar, and instead of killing each other on sight, they sit down for a little shop talk. It seems these guys have been doing this a while, comparing the situations up in Heaven and down in Hell. Neither is pleased with the current state of affairs, and the added threat of the Darkness has these middle men on edge. A bit of a partnership has begun here. Since we’re only treated to the one scene between these two, we’ll have to hope to see this new angle developed.

We reach the end of the episode with a lot accomplished. Cas is cured, Dean now knows about Sam’s bargain with Rowena, and there’s the hint of a possible alliance between the little guys in Heaven and Hell. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of problems, with Rowena freed (again), Uncle Crowley scheming and everything with that terrifying child/teen/kidult Amara. Our boys are set on a short winding path filled with danger and darkness. They better get some flashlights.


4 out of 5