Supernatural season 6 episode 2 review: Two And A Half Men

It's still Dean at the heart of things, as Supernatural's latest episode takes two viewings to really appreciate...

6.2 Two And A Half Men

In the latest Supernatural, Sam is investigating a series of murders where the victims all had babies which were then taken. Meanwhile, Dean has moved house with Lisa and Ben and is growing increasingly overprotective. Sam and Samuel work out a likely next victim, but Sam arrives too late to save them and, after a confrontation with the murderer, he’s left holding the baby. Literally.

Sam then calls Dean for assistance and after a very brief protest, joins his brother. The two of them stop for supplies and run into a shape shifter who tries to take the baby. The brothers escape and stop in a motel and Sam goes off to investigate a lead, leaving Dean to babysit.

Sam’s investigation leads to him suspecting that the baby’s father may be a shape shifter, while, back in the motel, Dean discovers for sure. The brothers take the baby to Samuel and the cousins for Samuel to decide what’s best for the baby. Then the baby’s father turns up.

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The father is an ‘alpha’, the first shape shifter, and proves unstoppable, killing one of the cousins and taking the baby. Dean confronts Sam about whether or not this was just a trap for the alpha, which Sam denies. Alone, Samuel takes a mysterious phone call.

Back home, Dean struggles to decide what to do for the best. Lisa decides for him, that he can go and be a hunter and she’ll be there for him. Time to break out the Impala.

Initially, it’s a very lacklustre episode, which is a shame, because. had I not been writing this. I may not have watched it twice. On first viewing, I found myself questioning the thinking behind Sam getting Dean involved over what should be a relatively simple case for Sam, especially with the backup of Samuel and the cousins.

On second viewing, knowing Samuel’s behaviour, I found it to be a much stronger episode, but that does assume that Samuel is either manipulating Sam, or Sam is going along with Samuel’s plans, whatever they are. Of course, it could just be that Sam was keeping his resurrection secret and now that Dean knows he’s back Sam would rather work with him than the cousins.

Now, when you have two big, tough hunters trying to cope with a baby there is guaranteed to be some humour, and this episode has some great moments while, at the same time, not turning the situation into a straight out comedy.

Despite everything that is going on in Supernatural, it very much seems like Dean’s show at the moment. Again, he questions Sam and Samuel’s resurrection, and his distrust of Samuel and the cousins is obviously going to force Sam to choose sides at some point. And are we really sure it is truly Sam?

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Samuel has his own agenda. Last week they captured a djinn alive, this week a plan to capture rather than simply kill the alpha. World’s first Supernatural zoo?

The resolution to Dean’s family life is handled particularly well with Lisa coming off as a strong character rather than something to be quietly forgotten when Dean hits the road. Dean’s increasing frustration at the thought of turning into his father is also handled well.

The final scene, meanwhile, just wants it to be time for next week’s episode already…

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