Supernatural season 3 episode 3 review

"Don't Play With My Jesus"; or, what's the real difference between God and a cursed rabbit's foot anyhow?

We start with our old friend Gordon, a hunter who is convinced that Sam is more than annoying but actually evil.  He tries to convince his kitschily religious friend (who owns a giant giant pop art Jesus painting) and some random guy to go after Sam.

Meanwhile, some bumbling thieves break into Daddy Winchester’s secret storage unit.  Bypassing Sam’s soccer trophy and Dean’s first sawed-off shotgun, they steal something evil.  Very very evil and for a woman and it’s… it’s an evil rabbit’s foot!  (Bet you wouldn’t have seen it coming if they hadn’t completely focused on it in the previews).

The evil rabbit’s foot gives us the best fight scene we’ve seen in a while, taking slapstick to a whole new level.  Sam and Dean can’t do anything right against the power of cursed Louisiana lupine.  Our boys’ luck changes, of course, as soon as Sam gets a hold of the foot, leading to some heavy foreshadowing.  Very heavy foreshadowing.  We get it, Supernatural directors, we really do!  That beer bottle on the floor that you’ve shown us five or six times in three minutes is bad!  It’s an evil beer bottle!  We would have never guessed without the heavy ominous music!  And of course it quickly leads to killing the lead bumbler.  That’s how it’s evil, you see, good luck while you have it – but the minute you lose it, a complete 180.

Sam and Dean continue on, winning free food for a year staying just ahead of the kitschy religious hunter (I bet you forgot about them!), until their waitress steals the foot.  This leads to Sam, among other things, losing his shoe and the best Sam pout we’ve had in at least a season.  Dean goes after the waitress, who turns out to be an international magical artifact dealer.  Sam stays home to get caught by the guys chasing him.  It’s really a whole lot of hunting and catching going on. 

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Dean manages to avoid getting shot by throwing a pen into a gun barrel (why, yes, he has the rabbit at this point!); Sam gets shot because he doesn’t have it, they destroy the foot and everyone goes home slightly happy. The dealer makes some cash, although loses out on her sale, Dean and Sam live, and the kitschy religious guy is convinced it’s not bunny magic that lead him to Sam, but God, thus making Sam the “adversary”, but doesn’t lead him to the point of explaining what an adversary is (though we know it’s important!  They ended the episode on it AND played ominous music!)

Though this episode was light-hearted, funny, and all the bits fell together well, it’s disheartening to see no consequences of last week’s episode.  No emotion, no discussion of Dean’s mortality, or their future.  If this were any other show, I would assume we’d return to it, but Supernatural‘s record hasn’t been the best at such things. Also all the unnecessary foreshadowing!

Next week, sinning!