Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10 Review: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

Another week, another excellent episode of Supernatural, cool Kill Bill references and all.

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10

Supernatural brought us an episode rife with the theme of consequences. This is especially true in regards to angels making rash decisions regarding humanity. Also: a Kill Bill like assasin! What’s not to love?

“Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” was bookended with how Dean and Castiel react after the killing of Billie the Reaper last episode. The Winchesters had painted themselves into a corner with a deal, and a Winchester had to die – or else cosmic consequences would follow. An emotional Cas smote Billie because he couldn’t deal with a world without Winchesters. Thoughtful, but it’ll be a problem later, for sure.

Dean is pretty upset with Cas at the beginning of the episode, giving him the silent treatment and even opting to not play any music on the drive to their destination. This is serious guys. He gives Cas ‘tude until the very end of the episode when he finally opens up about it all. Seems their adventures with Lily Sunder have opened his eyes and Dean and Cas can be bros again. Let’s not forget that Dean has a point. They’re going to be up against some serious stuff because they skirted death again. They better be ready.

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Now to the meat of the story. Lily Sunder was quite the character to whip at us out of the blue. With no build up whatsoever, we were introduced to a near-immortal human with a vendetta against angels. This character could easily have been a half-season antagonist up to now. Such teaser potential was available here. Ah well.

When we were first introduced to Lily, I was afraid this episode would veer straight into campy territory. I mean, she has a Kill Bill eye patch. This could have been bad. However, her intriguing characteristics and back story made the difference.

Can you imagine the fun that the costume and production designers had with this? The period 1900s clothing was delightful, and it was fun seeing angel dressed as mostly prim and proper ladies. It is the set design that really shined, though. I absolutely loved the church set that was Isham’s safe house. That church was beautiful, all crumbling walls and vaulted windows.

The detail in that church set design was great, and it also represented the moral decay present in Heaven. Angels used to fight for good, but here we had a story all about angels making the wrong choices – especially when it came to Isham. The crumbling paint and dilapidated interior of that church was Isham’s soul, damaged as it was by killing out of spite and an obsession that led to his disdain for human kind.

With all the general dickishness of our angelic friends, it’s only fitting that one human they wronged took angelic law into their own hands and turned the tables. “You’d be amazed what a person can do with a little bit of patience and an abundance of time,” Lily told Sam.

Revenge killing comes at the expense of a person’s soul, as highlighted by Isham’s descent and Lily’s mission. At least after Isham is dealt with, Lily seems to retain some of her soul. The message here? There’s hope for redemption. Maybe we’ll see Lily again and maybe not, but I think we enjoyed seeing this much of her journey.

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The next moral ambiguity will come in the form of Kelly’s child, when they finally locate the President’s aide. Kelly is carrying Lucifer’s baby, so the simple answer should be to kill it. Cas has worked alongside Sam and Dean for quite some time. He’s now got the doubts and hesitation that any human would have. That hesitation might bring upon something so evil it can only be contained within a season finale. I guess we’ll find out.


5 out of 5