Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8 Review: Byzantium

Themes of sacrifice and family reunions abound on Supernatural this week.

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8

A subdued beginning to this week’s episode brings about the demise of Jack. As sad as this is, we know this isn’t the end for his character. What show are we watching again? Oh right, the one where people come back from the dead like all the time. But at the same time it’s important to see how each character reacts to this death in his or her own way.

The Winchesters and Cas drink, mourn, try and fail to build a Hunter’s pyre, and tell each other stories. But Dean caps it all off by saying, “We did everything we could, right?” The next morning we are reintroduced to Lily Sunder, the angel killing badass from the olden days who is not looking so young anymore. Her mortality also in question, her help comes with a price — admission into Heaven.

In fact, most of this episode has bargains to be made. If we’ve learned anything from Supernatural, it’s that deals made in desperation lead to tragedy.   

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At least this episode can answer what happens when a nephilim dies. Jack is at first shown in standard Vanilla-flavored Heaven, where they play your best memories. But then Jack realizes something’s off, and he steps into the sterile hallways of Heaven as seen by angels. Though the amorphous blob stalking toward him isn’t so sterile.

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Jack’s demise has led to a sweet reunion with his mother. Although we don’t get to see what they talk about, the fact that Jack and Kelly finally get to know each other is something very special. Jack has been seeking more answers from his human roots since he was born, and Kelly deserved to know that her son grew up to be a good person, just as she wished.

The Empty, whom I wrongfully called Lucifer last review, has invaded Heaven to claim Jack as its own. As if Heaven’s angels needed any more decimation, now we’ve lost a few more to this evil blob from down below. And it has set its beady little eyes on our boy.

Of course this wouldn’t be a Winchester themed death if we didn’t have a bad deal to make. It was Castiel’s turn. Cas makes his deal with The Empty instead of a demon, and somehow, this is tinged with even more danger. The Empty is largely unexplored at this point, a sinister under layer to heaven and hell that is the final not-so-restful resting place of angels. The fact that Cas would willingly return to such a place in trade for Jack’s life speaks volumes.

The last moments of the episode see what happens when Lily dies, and this was a lovely moment as well, when Anubis tells her to say hi to her daughter. This was a nice way to send this character off by giving her a peaceful end. 

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It was an episode to tug on the heartstrings, reunite mothers and their children and show the level of sacrifice family makes for each other. Jack is back and the gang is back together again, at least for now. 

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