Supernatural: Plush Review

The Hunters face off against a bunny, a deer, and a killer clown in an elevator.

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 7

We take a break from Amara to experience an episode like no other, involving a bunny, a deer, and a clown costume. Well, maybe not exactly “like no other.”

In the beginning of the episode, Stereotype Wife tells Stereotype Husband to take out the trash while he’s watching sports. He’s too lazy to do it, and while the wife gripes about him outside at the trash can, he’s brutally murdered by a possessed teenager wearing a bunny mask.  He asked for “a brewski.” I felt zero remorse for his demise.

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The second murder had interesting staging. Our witness, Rock, is lifting weights in the foreground while his Coach sits in his office in the background. The way it’s framed, with Rock blocking the viewer’s eye-line to the area behind the unsuspecting Coach, tips us off that it’s not Rock who’s going to get his brains pulverized by a kettle bell. Neat setup.

This episode marks the third appearance of Sheriff Donna (played by Brianna Buckmaster). Her delightful Minnesotan jargon was a delightful treat.  She’s the one who tips the Winchesters off to the fact that more might be going on with the bunny murder than meets the eye. I love seeing Donna back because she brings in an element that we’re sorely lacking in Supernatural: strong female characters. Yes, we’ve had Ellen and Jo and Charlie … but do you notice something about all them? Dead. Our leading ladies often end up horizontal. I’d rather we keep some around for a while longer, don’t you?

Sheriff Donna really earns her stripes, even getting the opportunity to burn the possessed costumes and being labeled an honorary Hunter by Dean. There was a little mini subplot revolving around her personal life. Another Officer Doug has entered the police force, and she’s loathe to end up in another bad relationship with another guy named Doug. “I won’t be once bitten, twice Doug’d,”she says with attitude. When Sam teases her about her possible romantic interests, she reminds him, “We have a case to solve.” Damn girl, you’re staying on task like a boss.

This episode also saw the return of Sam’s crippling, somewhat illogical fear of clowns. I actually love that Sam is deathly afraid of clowns. It’s kind of ridiculous, that with all the unbelievable horrors he’s faced with demons, demi-gods, vengeful spirits, and Lucifer himself, he’s scared of people wearing colorful wigs and gaudy makeup. To his credit, he goes on to not meet just one, but at least two legit evil clowns (the Rakshasa in “Everybody Loves a Clown” and the vengeful spirit tonight. Sound off in the comments if you can think of another).

Then we have the scene with Sam in the elevator, and the freshly blood splattered clown enters. Sam. Enclosed space. Actual murderous clown. Sam’s fear is palpable, but he summons his courage and bests the clown, evicts the spirit, and all that while only being choked once. Ugh Sam, two episodes in a row? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Ending battle was okay, but paled in comparison to the tension in the elevator scene. Nephew of the vengeful spirit, Max, happens to own one of his uncle’s masks. He attacks and chokes Dean. It really is an equal opportunity sort of episode, isn’t it? This scene plays right after Max’s mother Rita explains how Chester the ex-birthday party performer became so vengeful. He was murdered by parents who thought he was a little too close to the kids for comfort. They tried to scare him, ended up killing him, and covered it all up. Basically a blend of the plot-lines for “Dead in the Water” (Season 1, Episode 3) and “Route 666” (Season1, Episode 13). Not such a shocking reveal since it feels like we’re retreading the same old reservoir of story, but effective enough.

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I liked the episode, found some parts hilarious, but a few weak moments and too familiar themes had me knock it down a star.

Also, this just in: Brianna Buckmaster is slated to show up in at least one more episode, next week’s “Just My Imagination,” an episode that revolves around … imaginary friends. I am so ready.


4 out of 5