Steven Universe: Whatever Happened To Mystery Girl?

After the most recent Steven Universe episodes fans are wondering where Pearl’s supposed girlfriend is.

Steven Universe Mystery Girl
Photo: Cartoon Network

This article contains spoilers for the Steven Universe Future episode ‘Bismuth Casual.’

When the Steven Universe episode “Last One Out of Beach City” aired in 2016 it set fans minds reeling because of the inclusion of a single non-speaking character. Known only as “Mystery Girl” she attracted so much attention because Pearl had a crush on her. Throughout the episode Pearl is clearly taken by her looks and it sets the characters off on a wild chase that ends with Pearl getting Mystery Girl’s number. The two don’t interact much but it was enough, this was a new relationship fans desperately wanted more of.

Part of this is simply because queer fans are always looking for representation in media and with this clearly being an attraction between two women? Fans latched onto it. The episode also aired not too long after Pearl had finally started to work through her complicated feelings toward former love interest Rose Quartz and many fans had hoped this would begin a story arc of her moving on. Maybe she and Mystery Girl would date and we’d get to see how Pearl handles it! Maybe Mystery Girl will join the expanding supporting cast!

It’s been over three years since that episode aired and Mystery Girl has only made one fleeting cameo appearance in a crowd shot. Fans have wondered if she’d ever show up again and that’d we get some kind of confirmation of her and Pearl dating.

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Well, “Bismuth Casual” seemingly puts an end to that. The recently aired episode features a clear set-up of a Bismuth and Pearl relationship with no mention of Mystery Girl. Of course Pearl could be polyamorous and have multiple partners but its more likely Mystery Girl is no longer in her life. 

This is further confirmed by another episode that was set after “Last One Out of Beach City,” “A Single Pale Rose.” In that episode we got a peak inside Pearl’s head and it’s briefly shown she has at least nine numbers from random people. One has a kiss mark on it and another has hearts. It looks like Pearl gets around!

While the show will never address is, it’s fair to assume Pearl and Mystery Girl only hung out that one night we saw in their episode. It’s a shame for everyone who was hoping for a deeper relationship between the two but thankfully the show has given us a lesbian (assuming Bismuth is a lesbian) relationship in the end.