Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 2 Review: The Trial

We discover the secret parallel that makes this episode of Steven Universe one of its most essential outings.

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 2

Steven Universe fans have wanted answers but they never stopped to wonder… Were they asking the right questions? It was just assumed that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond and that was all there was to it but now that’s been completely thrown out the window. Did she shatter her? What if she didn’t? What if she was asked to? What if someone wanted it to happen?

The obvious culprit is now Yellow Diamond, what with her vicious reaction to Zircon’s case. Why would Yellow have done this? The first thing idea that came to mind was jealousy. This show is all about love and how powerful it is, but what if the love between Blue and Pink Diamond (as hinted in previous episodes) sent Yellow Diamond into a rage? What if she opened up Pink Diamond’s lines in order for her to be shattered?

What if she allowed Pink Diamond to die so she could have Blue Diamond all to herself? Look at their body language when they first appeared in this episode. Blue Diamond’s head was resting on Yellow Diamond’s shoulder. Yellow Diamond has been comforting Blue Diamond for years now and I suspect that Yellow Diamond wanted Blue Diamond to finally get over it. Remember “What’s The Use In Feeling Blue?”

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Yellow Diamond wants Blue Diamond to get over it all. Forget about Pink Diamond  so she can have her all to herself. I can see Steven learning about this will throw him for a loop. How could love be so twisted? He’s seen it with Jasper and Lapis, but this is a whole new level. Years of deception laid at the feet of his mother. Did Rose Quartz have to die? Did she die under false pretenses?

This episode side steps giving fans answers they may want but serves up enough Gem culture, new Gems, and even a look at home world to be satisfying. As I’ve discussed before, the show shouldn’t be too focused on giving answers. It’s more about the emotions.

All the questions we’ve been asking helped to sell the high stakes emotional gauntlet we were just put through. We feel Blue Diamond’s sadness because we’ve wondered why she’s that way. We feel Yellow Diamond’s rage because it’s been built up over so long. We feel Steven’s self sacrifice because the show has slowly but surely built it up to the point where we don’t question that he’d give up his life for Lars. 

Maybe that’s the real answer. There’s a secret parallel between how Rose gave up her life to make Steven and how Steven is willing to give himself up to save Lars. Obviously Steven isn’t going to turn into a new baby or anything, but the more Steven is willing to sacrifice himself the more he’ll come to understand why Rose did what she did.

She didn’t do it to escape responsibility for shattering Pink Diamond. She did it solely out of love. Without all those questions about her responsibility, Steven can finally see why his mom made him. Again, it’s because of love.

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5 out of 5