Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 25 Review: Legs From Here To Homeworld

Season 5 isn't quite over as we set up the next big arc of Steven Universe.

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 25

Surprise, there’s still more to season 5! After an explosive two parter the series takes it downa notch with a mostly transitional episode. Nothing wrong with that, since we finally get some info on Centi, Homeworld, and White Diamond.

The characters that’s been most shrouded in mystery… and she’s finally revealed! Yeah, Steven Universe isn’t giving us another set of episodes centered around Beach City as downtime. Nope, they’re going straight to home world! It’s something I’ve wanted out of the series for a long time, a real look at life on the home world.

Sure, we saw a bit with the Off Color Gems but what’s it like on the surface? What’s it like for all those Gems we saw assembled for White Diamond? While the series needs to follow Steven I hope we can check in on the rest of the team who were left with Blue and Yellow Diamond.

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Those two also offer something very important for Steven, a way to finally vent frustrations with his mom. Think about it, Steven had so many problems with how his mom handeled things on Earth. He never got the chance to talk with her directly, but now he can at least call Blue and Yellow out.

“You did this, you have to do something!”

Finally he can have them take responsibility for their actions. Finally he can directly hold someone accountable for what they’ve done to Gems and humans across the galaxy. 

But can he say all that to White Diamond? We haven’t gotten much but White Diamond seems to treat Steven (who she thinks is Pink) as a child. We thought Yellow and Blue were acting like that but in retrospect it was more like a little sister. Here though, White Diamond could be like a mother to not only Pink but also Blue and Yellow to. 

This episode feels more like a preview of things to come. On it’s own? Totally fine little transition but it’s less about the content here and more about what’s coming next. Bring it on.

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3 out of 5