Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Letters to Lars

Could Steven Universe's story be wrapping up? With the sense of finality in this episode we have to wonder.

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 16

“Nothing can stay the same forever.”

That pretty much sums up this new drop of Steven Unvierse episodes, doesn’t it? I love how these drops can often be tied together with a theme and this one, moving on and growth, was perfectly handled. 

Besides the first episode the others were fairly low stakes but that’s fine. It’s nice to get these breather episodes before the action ramps up again. Checking in on nearly everyone in Beach City keeps the town alive and reminds us what Steven and the Crystal Gems are fighting for.

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That and we get lots of Salty Pearl. Bless. Just look at her at that improv show. She is not having anything but skits about Steven. Also take note she has a phone now. We all know why she got it, SO SHE COULD TEXT MYSTERY GIRL. Come on Steven Universe, give her another appearance. We need it. 

The real star of this episode is the now former Mayor Dewey. He’s lost and aimless without his job. Unlike the other characters he doesn’t find a new purpose or deal with his problems right away. He just tries to fit himself in wherever he can without taking the time to reflect on his new situation. Of course with some Steven advice he manages to find a new place for himself.

In fact a lot of the people in Beach City have found new places and lives. Nanefua has become major. Peedee has a new tater tot stand. Ronaldo will be looking out for Gems. Everything’s changing and while it isn’t all for the people’s betterment at least they’re growing. Jamie is attempting to teach improv. Peridot’s taking classes with him! Onion… has a crowbar. 

I wonder what this means for the series as a whole. Is it coming to some kind of conclusion? Everyone is finding new places for themselves and does that mean we won’t be seeing much of them after this? Maybe, maybe not. Within one more episode the whole universe of the series could blow wide open but I can’t shake this impending feeling of finality.

We’ve seemingly wrapped up the Rose Quartz arc. All we need to do now is deal with the Diamonds. That’s a lot but knowing Steven it won’t be a huge brawl. It’ll be smaller scale and filled with heart.

If the series is coming to an end then we’re in a great place to be.

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Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Steven narrathing that letter warned the heart. Follow him on Twitter!   


3.5 out of 5