Steven Universe: Doug Out Review

A celebration of the mundane things in life is the perfect way to start a new Steven Universe arc.

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 22

While this episode may be set up for the rest of the latest Stevenbomb, it has so many one liners I can’t help but love it. Sure, everyone is excited for the new Gems that were teased in the latest trailer but I’d hate to see them overshadow the characters we already love.

Come on, watching Connie and Steven run around in disguises was adorable! Connie’s outfit that echoed Carmen Sandiego was perfect and Steven’s obsession with accents continues to delight.

Getting to know Connie’s dad was even better. I love that Steven Universe takes the time to give us characterization for even its bit players. In fact, you can compare how the Steven Universe writing staff treats its bit players to how Steven loves the bits. They may be small, but that doesn’t make them any less great.

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Look at this guy. He loves being a security guard! He’s so proud of his flashlight! Okay, maybe he wants a little more out of life but Steven and Connie don’t care about stuff like that. Steven especially thinks his job is so cool!  That’s what I love about Steven. For being the son of a rebel Gem from outer space, he takes such joy in the mundane things in life.

Maybe he gets that way because, unlike all the complicated stuff surrounding his mom, he can actually get a handle on these things. Being a security guard is so cool because it’s so simple.  There’s a real “the grass is always greener” vibe to both Steven and Connie’s dad here. Connie’s dad would love to do something “important” like save the universe but Steven would like nothing more than to just hang around, play dress up, and carry a flashlight.

Like many of the more fun Steven Universe episodes, there’s a bit of a serious side to it if you look closely. Not to say it’s “dark” but it just shows that life isn’t all fun and games. Steven has a hard life and anytime he gets to have a more relaxing adventure is a welcome one.

It’s easy to see however that this is just a prelude of things to come. Onion was not the only one running around and with what we saw in the trailer it looks like he was kidnapped! If it was other Gems, why did they take Onion? Are the homeworld Gems targeting Steven now? Have they moved their attentions away from Rose and put them directly on him?

We won’t have long to wait with the next episode dropping tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Until then, let’s list all the amazing quips from this episode. Seriously, if I talked about all the great quips from this episode I’d never leave.

– “All of the years of ordering off menu have come back to taunt me.”

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– “Respectfully, fry bits are not garbage.”

– “You want to help ruin some teen’s night?”


– “Oh no! The laws of physics!”

Steven Universe is so good with the lowkey jokes. 

Shamus Kelley is always foiled by the laws of physics! Follow him on Twitter!  

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4 out of 5