Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Kevin Party

While the plot of the episode is fairly by the books, overall this mini thematic arc for Steven Universe has been a delight.

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 10

I’m really bummed the last episode didn’t lead into this one. I wanted to see Sadie belt it out with the band! Ah well, this one is a nice little ending to the mini thematic arc about dealing with your problems. 

The lesson here is fairly straightforward. Steven already has the right answer but is lead astray by Kevin into trying to be “cool”. This is a plot we’ve seen a thousand times before but Steven Universe at least gives it a new look and a stand out color scheme as well. Legit, the colors used in this episode were phenomenal and gave the whole thing a deceptively calm edge. 

While Kevin is still a jerk we at least get some idea why he’s that way. He had his heart broken. Now before you go off writing why Kevin has been “redeemed” let’s just stop for a minute. Kevin has a sort of tragic back-story to explain his actions. Cool.  He seemingly has a LOT of self loathing (“You’ll feel just as sick as me”). Cool. 

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That doesn’t excuse him being a creep. Dude needs to get over himself. Yeah, he got hurt. That doesn’t excuse him being awful. To modify a line from Brooklyn Nine-Nine,

“Cool back-story. Still a creep.”

I’d say this dude will never get fully redeemed but hey, they did it with Lars. Who knows? (Although Lars was never THAT bad.)

Steven and Connie’s ultimate makeup simply being a tearful conversation was fairly expected but still heartfelt. These two truly care for each other. Sometimes just talking out your problems is the best way to solve them. Jam Buds for life! 

So after viewing all these episodes is there a lesson to be learned? Is there a set way to deal with your problems? No, I don’t think Steven Universe was going for something like that. I think the ultimate “lesson” is that there are so many problems out in the world. Whether you caused them (Dewey and Steven), someone else made them happen (Lapis), they’ve been with you all along (Peridot), or even if it’s just life being a drag (Sadie) you can only begin attemping to solve them by doing one thing.

You have to face them. You can’t run away and you can’t ignore them. Even if they won’t fully be resolved you have to face them. There will be challenges along the way and each problem will require its own solutions but at least if you face them you can start the healing.  

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Extra Thoughts

– Likes: Lion Lickers!

Lions these days, I tell you what.

– “That’s why they’re the coolest.” 

The fact even a jerk like Kevin uses gender-neutral pronouns makes me smile. Come on, people. If Kevin can do it? So can you.

– “I need those old people to whisper my name when they die.”

Well, that’s a life goal if I’ve ever heard one.

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– “When put on a scarf like this? It’s always cool.”

Can’t argue with that logic.

– Man that pumping club music during the montage was… way too good. Put that on the soundtrack, please!

– Connie’s hair was WAY too cute for words.

Shamus Kelley thinks that party could have used way more Beachcore. Follow him on Twitter! 


3 out of 5