Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 Confirmed

The Mandalorian will be back for a third season. Here's what we know about the upcoming season of the Star Wars live-action show so far...

Disney has renewed The Mandalorian for a third season, according to Variety, who learned that pre-production has already started for the show’s third outing. Season 2 of the Star Wars live-action series is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in October 2020.

The production team just finished work on season 2 at the beginning of March, just missing the lockdown and shelter-in-place orders that have delayed the filming and release of virtually every movie and TV series currently in production. Variety reports that the production design team began work on season 3 on April 20 and that showrunner Jon Favreau has been “writing season 3 for a while.” Lucasfilm creative director Doug Chiang has reportedly been working on “concepts” for “the past few weeks.”

This will undoubtedly be music to the ears of the millions of fans who watched the first season of the show and helped turn it into a massive early hit for Disney’s fledgling streaming service. There’s no doubt that the second season of the live-action series is one of the most highly-anticipated TV releases of the year.

While we know nothing about what’s to come in season 3, we know a few things about the upcoming second season. The biggest news, of course, is that Rosario Dawson (Briarpatch) has reportedly been tapped to appear on the show in the role of fan-favorite hero Ahsoka Tano, the Togruta ex-Jedi who first appeared in The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. We talked about why this casting is a big deal here.

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Dawson later set the record straight with Variety, who originally broke the story, explaining that, “That’s not confirmed yet but when that happens, I will be very happy. I’m very excited for that to be confirmed at some point.”

When Disney does confirm the casting news, Dawson will be the latest star to join an impressive ensemble cast of supporting characters that also includes Werner Herzog, Nick Nolte, Giancarlo Esposito, Amy Sedaris, and Carl Weathers.

It’s also been reported that Michael Biehn (Aliens, The Terminator) has been cast as a bounty hunter with a connection to the Mandalorian’s past. This casting hasn’t been confirmed yet, either.

Season 2 will see the Mandalorian helping the Child (aka Baby Yoda) find his home and will likely dive deeper into the state of the Empire after its defeat at the Battle of Jakku. Esposito’s Moff Gideon is one of the last vestiges of the old government and we know that he survived his fight against Mando in season 1. Expect to see this big bad again very soon.

We’ll keep you updated we hear more about The Mandalorian season 3.