The Acolyte Cast: Meet All of the New Star Wars Characters

Set during the High Republic era, Star Wars: The Acolyte is full of new and intriguing characters. Here's the cast and all the new characters they play!

Yord Fandar (Charlie Barnett), Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon (Dafne Keen) and Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) in Lucasfilm's THE ACOLYTE
Photo: Christian Black | Lucasfilm

This Star Wars: The Acolyte article contains spoilers.

As the first Star Wars television show set during the High Republic, The Acolyte has all of the ingredients needed to make a unique and compelling Star Wars story. The plot centers on an investigation into a mysterious crime spree that uncovers secrets and dangers long thought to be buried. The time period is new and exciting. And, it has an incredibly stacked cast full of performers eager to bring this era of Star Wars to life.

Here are some of the characters you can expect to see in The Acolyte and the talented performers who play them.

Amandla Stenberg as Mae in Star Wars: The Acolyte

Amandla Stenberg is Osha and Mae

Amandla Stenberg is playing twin sisters Osha and Mae who were “separated by tragedy when they were very young,” according to the actor. Osha was once the promising Padawan of the Jedi Sol before leaving the order due to “internal turmoil” over her connection to the force. Mae was once thought to be dead, but re-emerges a fierce warrior determined to exact vengeance on those who wronged her. Stenberg are well known for playing Rue in The Hunger Games as well as their roles in Bodies Bodies Bodies, The Hate U Give, and Everything, Everything.

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Leah and Lauren Brady are Young Osha and Mae

We get to see exactly what caused the rift between twin sisters Osha and Mae, and the latter’s vendetta against the Jedi, in episode 3 of The Acolyte. Playing the roles of the young versions of the characters are real-life sisters Leah and Lauren Brady. You have previously seen Leah Brady in the Christmas action movie Violent Night as well as an episode of The Umbrella Academy, while Lauren Brady has previously appeared in the film Midnight at the Paradise.

Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) in Lucasfilm's THE ACOLYTE, exclusively on Disney+.

Lee Jung-jae is Sol

Jedi Master Sol is a compassionate and highly respected member of the Jedi Order. A stalwart warrior, Sol uses his power to defend those who can’t defend themselves, which gets him caught up in an intriguing mystery involving someone from his past. Like his former Padawan Osha, Sol struggles with intense emotions that he uses his connection to the Force to keep in check. Sol is played by Lee Jung-Jae, who is most likely recognizable from his leading role in the hit Netflix series Squid Game, though he is also well known for his roles in Korean films Hunt, New World, and The Face Reader.

Carrie-Anne Moss as Master Indara in Star Wars: The Acolyte

Carrie-Anne Moss is Indara

Played by the legendary Carrie-Anne Moss, Master Indara is a highly skilled Jedi with a strong command over the Force. Though she doesn’t engage in combat often, her physical and mental prowess are hard to beat. Moss is well known for playing Trinity in The Matrix film series, and you can also find her in Jessica Jones, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Memento.

The Mysterious Sith Lord

The Acolyte has teased from the very beginning that it’ll explore the Sith who were working behind the shadows in the century before the rise of Emperor Palpatine. One such Sith is this mysterious helmeted villain with the toothy smile. We don’t know this Sith Lord’s name or who is playing them, but we do know that they’re Mae’s master. Surely, more will be revealed about this new big bad as the show progresses.

Manny Jacinto is Qimir

Manny Jacinto plays Qimir, a dashing former smuggler who now enjoys a life of leisure making a living procuring unusual things. He’s just a regular guy who gets swept up into the mystery at the heart of The Acolyte despite his best efforts. Jacinto is known for playing the lovable himbo Jason in The Good Place and has also appeared in the Hulu series Nine Perfect Strangers as well as Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor.

(Center): Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon (Dafne Keen) in Lucasfilm's THE ACOLYTE, exclusively on Disney+. ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.

Dafne Keen is Jecki Lon

Dafne Keen plays Jecki Lon, the skilled and studious padawan apprentice of Master Sol. Though she’s young, she carries herself with maturity and shows great promise in her journey to become a Jedi Knight. Before starring in The Acolyte, Keen appeared as Laura/X-23 in Logan and Lyra in His Dark Materials.

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Charlie Barnett is Yord Fandar

Jedi Knight and guardian of the temple, Yord Fandar is a lot more strict in his interpretation of his role as a Jedi. He is a devout, by-the-book rule follower, which, despite his best intentions, can sometimes cloud his mind and make him a little short-sighted. Even though he may not always see eye-to-eye with his peers, his overachieving nature makes him a skilled Jedi and a dedicated protector of the Republic. Yord Fandar is played by Charlie Barnett, who you may recognize from TV shows like Russian Doll, Chicago Fire, Arrow, and You.

Jodie Turner-Smith is Mother Aniseya

Jodie Turner-Smith plays Mother Aniseya, the leader of a mysterious coven of Force witches on the planet Brendock. Mother Aniseya is practiced in the arcane ways of the Force, and values her coven’s connection to it. She hopes to remain independent and free to preserve their beliefs and way of life. Turner-Smith has also appeared in Queen & Slim, After Yang, The Last Ship, and Sex Education.

Margarita Levieva is Mother Koril

Mother Koril is an important member of Aniseya’s coven and the Zabrak witch who actually carried Mae and Osha to term. She is tough on the twins and thinks Aniseya is too lenient with Osha, who wants to leave the coven and join the Jedi Order. The character is played by Margarita Levieva, whose previous credits include roles on The Blacklist, Revenge, and Law & Order. She will next be seen playing Marvel character Heather Glenn on Daredevil: Born Again.

Rebecca Henderson is Vernestra Rwoh

First introduced in the Star Wars: The High Republic book series, Jedi Master Vernestra Rwoh will be making her live-action debut in The Acolyte. Vernestra Rwoh was a child prodigy becoming a Jedi Knight at only 15 and taking her own padawan the year after. At 116 years old, she is now an elder leader of the Order, and has seen a lot during her time as a Jedi. She also wields a lightwhip rather a traditional lightsaber, which is pretty badass. In The Acolyte, Rwoh is played by Rebecca Henderson, who has also appeared in Russian Doll, Inventing Anna, Werewolves Within, and Single Drunk Female.

Joonas Suotamo is Kelnacca

Joonas Suotamo plays Jedi Master Kelnacca, a Wookiee Jedi who leads a solitary life. Kelnacca isn’t the first Wookiee that Suotamo has brought to life, as the actor previously played Chewbacca in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars as well as in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Dean Charles-Chapman is Master Torbin

For reasons that will presumably reveal themselves later in the season, Master Torbin finds himself on Mae’s kill list in The Acolyte. When she tracks him down to the Jedi Temple on Olega, Torbin is in very deep meditation after taking the Barash Vow, a form of Jedi penitence. Torbin is played by Dean Charles-Chapman, who you likely know best as young King Tommen Baratheon on Game of Thrones and as the star of Sam Mendes’ war film 1917.

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