Star Wars: Cassian Andor Series Begins Filming This Year

The Cassian Andor Disney+ series will begin shooting this year, according to star Diego Luna.

Now that The Mandalorian, the first Star Wars live-action series, has made waves on Disney+, the House of Mouse is developing more TV projects set in the galaxy far, far away at lightspeed. On top of The Mandalorian season 2, an Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and perhaps a few Mandalorian spinoffs, Disney also has a series based on fan-favorite Rogue One spy Cassian Andor on the docket. Starring Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk, who played Cassian’s droid sidekick K-2SO in Rogue One, the new, untitled series is now set to film this year.

“Yes, we are doing it. We are doing it this year,” Luna revealed to ET during a Netflix press event in February. “It’s happening, and I’m getting ready for it.” 

The Cassian Andor series is part of the first batch of Star Wars shows announced for Disney+, a slate that also includes the upcoming seventh season of The Clone Wars, the Prequel era animated series set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Little is known about the plot of the Cassian show except that it’ll take place before the events of Rogue One, which saw Cassian and the rest of his team of Rebel spies perish during a battle in an Imperial stronghold. Cassian, along with Jyn Erso, Chirrut Imwe, and others, died valiantly while stealing the plans to the Death Star, which would later help the Rebellion destroy the Imperial superweapon in A New Hope.

We assume the series will explore Cassian’s early career with the Rebellion as well as more of his backstory before he was thrust into the Galactic Civil War. While Luna confirmed to ET that he’s read some of the scripts for the series, he admitted that he doesn’t know where the series is headed as a whole. 

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“It is a different approach because of the beauty and it’s how things happen. It’s not just what happens. It’s not the typical way of approaching a story. It’s about how things happen, which in fact, is the same that happened in Rogue One,” Luna teased. “You know the ending, but you don’t know how it happened, and we have that challenge in front of us again, which is exciting.”

Hopefully, the new series won’t spend too much time nodding at Rogue One, something the Prequels did incessantly in regards to the Original Trilogy throughout all three movies. We know how the story ends, so you don’t need to remind us every few scenes. 

No release date or additional casting has been announced for Cassian, but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more. For now, here’s a list of all other upcoming Star Wars movies and TV series.