She-Ra Season 5 Ending Explained

Have questions after the She-Ra season 5 finale? We’ve got you covered. Spoilers abound!

She-Ra Season 5 Ending Explained
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Warning! This article spoils the entire final season of SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER Season 5. Turn away if you haven’t seen it already!

So, we all watched the final episodes of She-Ra, right? I hope so, because we’re about to spoil all of it! It was a triumphant finale for the series’ best season yet. If you somehow haven’t watched it, check out our spoiler-free review and then come back here! Okay, we good?

She-Ra and the rebellion saved the day! But how exactly did they do it? Let’s dig deep, shall we?

How Did Adora Stop The Weapon?

Much of the season was built around stopping the heart of Etheria. Our characters soon learned of a fail safe that would stop the weapon if activated and they really needed it once Horde Prime took control and began to power it up. Adora took on the power of the fail safe but, unless she was in her She-Ra form, she’d die.

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After battling Horde Prime and various other illusions, Adora finally reached the fail safe and was broken. She could barely stay awake and was nearly consumed by doubt. She gave up, but then Catra was there to pull her out. With Catra’s love (more on that in a bit) Adora was seemingly able to transform into She-Ra and activate the fail safe.

Since Adora was in her She-Ra form she didn’t die and stopped the weapon. Etheria was saved and even Horde Prime was destroyed in the end. 

Adora was able to stop the weapon thanks to the power of love. Glorious.

Are Adora and Catra Together?

Throughout the series many fans had speculated that Adora and Catra secretly harbored feelings for each other. Catra especially seemed to be flirting with Adora in many scenes but it still wasn’t a definite they’d end up together or if it was really flirting at all.

However the finale confirmed it, with the two proclaiming their love for each other and even kissing. No gal pals here. While we have no idea where the two’s love will go, it’s a safe bet they’ll end up in some kind of relationship going forward. 

We’ll have more to say about this development in an upcoming article.

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Are Bow and Glimmer Together?

It wasn’t just Adora and Catra declaring their love for each other, Bow and Glimmer also got in on the action! Earlier in the first part of the finale the two told each other “I love you” before going into the final battle.  While they didn’t get quite as big a moment as Adora and Catra it’s another safe bet they’ll soon be an official couple as well.

Is Hordak Good Now? 

The power of love really does cure all, doesn’t it? Entrapta’s very odd friendship with Hordak paid off when he was able to break through his control by Horde Prime and toss his “brother” down a giant shaft. Horde Prime then took over Hordak’s mind but She-Ra was able to eradicate him from his mind.

Now it looks like Hordak and Entrapta will be best buds, even if it makes some of the princesses a little apprehensive.