Scream: Village of the Damned Review

If everyone could have taken a swig from Chloe's flask in last night's Scream episode, it would have been a better night for everyone.

This Scream review contains spoilers.

Scream: The TV Series, Season 2 Episode 8

It was the annual Lakewood carnival and while the town tried to forget about its new murderous reputation, the Lakewood 5 continued to battle the killer and the pain that was left behind.

The episode starts with a lovely message in blood on Audrey’s ceiling reading: 12 dead. But, with the count only up to 11, it set the tone that someone was about to die.

Truth Veritaserum

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Even with Eli’s pleas last week wanting Emma to avoid going to police about being inside the burning house, Emma was done with keeping secrets. Well, at least most of them. 

While she told the sheriff what she knew about the house and Kieran about how Eli told her about his parents, she failed to mention that Eli also kissed her. Not like he needed anymore punches to the face. When Eli threatened to tell Emma Kieran’s big secret, Kieran lets him have it. Kieran’s angry side, while unsettling, was quite welcome after Eli’s continued smugness and love of all the games he plays with Emma.

I have to say, it would be too obvious if Eli was the killer at this point. He does have all the motive though, especially as we keep learning about his weird obsessions and as we see his new obsession become more clear: Emma. Kieran may not just want to protect Emma from the killer, but Eli as well. I almost want him involved some way, just so his character doesn’t have to be on the show anymore. 

Audrey, too, spent most of the episode bonding with Emma, amping herself up to tell her about her connection with Piper. However, she doesn’t quite get to doing that on her own. She is disrupted by the idea that Eli is the one toying with them, sneaking into their house and filming them or writing threatening words on the wall like at the start of the episode in Audrey’s room. Everything we learn about Eli each week links him more and more to these killings. His motive would be clear and paired with his disturbing curiosity and love of sneaking into people’s homes…it all fits to perfectly. 

Brooke didn’t hold back at all last night as she chugged Chloe’s liquid courage before going on stage for the Lady of the Lake pageant. She called out the town for pretending like nothing is going wrong, when people that they love are all dying around them.

Speak the truth, Brooke! No wonder that town is so corrupt.

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Brooke is right, though. It is starting to feel like all the people who are avoiding the real issues and not taking a stand are the ones responsible for the murders. Maybe the killer is a classmate, a relative… a friend. None of them know because all of them want to look away and pretend that it isn’t happening.

“Fed up” is a good look on Brooke and if she keeps sporting it, her new found unstoppable nature will continue to be a show stopper.

Fun House of Horror

I don’t think the killer would count the cop trying to follow and I suppose, protect Emma as the “number 12” to the kill list. In this scene… I think the goal was to kill Kieran. 

And once again… Eli is looking somehow involved.

Kieran punched his face in after threatening to tell Emma his secret and it would seem like Eli would want some sort of revenge on Kieran. So, setting him up to look like the killer would be the perfect plot. 

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A video of Kieran tied up lured Emma into the fun house where she was followed by the cop the sheriff sent with her. However, the killer got to him first and left him dead on the floor. When Emma found him, she reached for his gun as the killer came into view and shot at one of the mirrors, thinking it was him. But, when the masked man came too willingly out from the fun house, it was obvious right then that it was a set up. Then there he was, under the mask, duct tape over his mouth and around his wrist to keep the knife in his hand. 

Did the killer want Emma to kill Kieran? Did Eli? 

It was a sweet reunion for the two of them where Kieran admitted to feeling guilty about his parents’ deaths. Apparently he was in a fight with his step dad who then took his eyes off the road and got in that accident. 

Alright, Emma. Kieran fessed up…now it’s your turn. 

Still a Mystery 

Oh, Stavo, how you puzzle us all. Every week we get a little more about Stavo and now we have finally learned a little about his past in Phoenix. What we could make of his conversation with Stavo, is that something happened with a friend of his there involving a gun. Is this where Stavo’s obsession with death and controlling death, began?

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Another mystery unsolved is Ms. Lang. In next week’s preview, it looks like she is still out cold and hospitalized. But, does she have a connection to Piper?

We shall see… 

A Little Too Late

Though Noah and Chloe couldn’t quite get the timing right on their much anticipated hook up, it seemed like tonight was the night after Noah pulled out all his romantic moves. However, the moment Audrey called Noah, Chloe breaks away from Noah and said the timing was off, once again. A confused Noah watches her leave, but we know Chloe isn’t loving Audrey right now.

So, when Audrey finally makes her way to Emma’s house and we see her already listening to a recording of her confession, it may just have been Chloe who sent it to her. If we recall, last week she found the recording and made a copy of it for herself. 

Now jealously, does not suit Chloe well at all. 

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As for next week, it looks like Emma did not take the revelation well. Will Emma be able to get over this?  Especially in time for them to come together and defeat this new murderer? 

Until next time!


3.5 out of 5