Scream: Jeepers Creepers Review

Audrey’s connection to Piper was finally revealed in last night’s torturous episode. Here’s our Scream review...

We saw a whole new side to some characters last night, proving that perhaps everyone has a little crazy in them. Brooke continued to focus her energy on finding out who killed Jake, while Noah became determined to figure out Audrey’s involvement with Piper. 

50 Shades of Brooke

Brooke impressed me with her sleuth skills as she dug deep into Jake’s murder. Who knew how much she really did care for Jake? Who knew it was possible for anyone to care that much? But, she is resolute in finding out the truth and whether or not Branson was the one to really kill him. After enlisting Stavo’s help to snoop around his father’s office for any clues, it is discovered that Ms. Lang and Branson may be seeing each other. 

Brooke eventually lures Branson to a motel. He meets her there and thinks the handcuffs and scarves are going to lead to a fun night, but instead ends up with Brooke putting a pair of sharp scissors to his face. She finally gets the truth out of him, including a bit of information that Jake was paying Branson to leave town and that Brooke’s dad was involved, as well.

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Brooke later meets with Stavo and comments on how shocked she was about how “twisted” she became that night. It is true. Brooke’s character definitely shifted from flighty to fierce and strong-willed almost overnight. 

And maybe a little terrifying as well.

Unfortunately, what she did to Branson compared little to what the real killer came and did to him later that night. 

Night at the Fair

All Noah wanted last night were some answers about Audrey. Could his best friend really be the second Lakewood killer?

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Noah couldn’t quite convince Emma about Audrey’s connection, so they decided to dig deeper. When the killer pretended to be Eddie (the dead motel clerk) in order lure Emma and Noah to the carnival, things went a bit haywire. 

Audrey was unaware of this and took this as an opportunity to reveal the truth to Noah. Most people would sit a friend down, maybe have a drink or two as they spilled their guts to them. But, Audrey decides to truly speak Noah’s language and communicate to him through a “movie-esque) set up. However, it wasn’t much appreciated when she realized this was a real trap of the actual killer’s.

Audrey had decided to “kidnap” Noah and pretend she was kidnapped herself too. Noah was getting pretty convinced of her innocence, before she cut herself loose realizing this was a double set up by the murderer. Noah’s face in this moment was priceless, but still seemingly convinced that maybe Audrey did have nothing to do with any of this.

Of course the killer spotted Emma first, before she ran into Noah and Audrey. Kieran also decided he wanted to be chased by a ruthless killer. But, moreso…he doesn’t trust Emma. And…rightfully so. She can’t seem to stop lying to him which may eventually end their relationship, or one of their lives. 

Audrey later confesses everything to Noah. That she only wanted to prove her innocence in Jake’s murder and that’s why she kidnapped him. She also explained her connection with Piper, an answer we have been waiting for all season. 

The Brandon James Documentary

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We all knew Audrey hated Lakewood and struggled with finding a place where she “fit.” She related to Brandon James in his lonliness and the way people made him feel like an outcast. Pre-serial killer, of course. So, she contacted Piper for information on him and to do a documentary together on him. When the killings started, Piper swore to Audrey she wasn’t responsible.  

Now we all know better… 

It was a sweet moment watching Audrey confess all of this to Noah. Immediately, Noah takes her in his arms and reminds her that what happened isn’t her fault, but that she is too, a victim.

Look Ma, No Hands! 

With Audrey’s confession may have created some peace of mind, but the real killer is still after them. After Brooke left Branson tied up to the bed, the killer later comes and decides to remove Branson’s hand and cauterize his wrist with a hot iron. The scene is painful to watch and seemed a sort of curious and random kill.

Or, did Branson die? 

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It is unclear at the moment if he is dead or just missing a hand and completely traumatized. If that’s the case, this would definitely be a new M.O. for the killer. Usually when he starts a job, he…or she, finishes it. 

New Developments

Kieran and the Sherriff 

The Sheriff just can’t get enough of Kieran and continues to seek him out for more information on his friends, especially Emma. The Sherriff doesn’t have the best bedside manner, but Kieran ends up in his office at the end of the episode on his own accord, wanting to talk about Emma. 

Kieran is a character that is getting a bit more of a backstory going on with his cousin and aunt in town. We are still unsure of their roles in this season, but it seems like they are here to stay and Kieran is getting more of a storyline because of it. Well and the Sherriff’s distrust in him. 

The Aunt and Mr. Big Shot

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Brooke’s dad seems to be wanting to use Kieran’s aunt for something…but for what? Does this have something to do with the money that Branson was talking about being to paid to him by Jake and possibly Brooke’s dad? 

For a moment when Branson was being tortured by the killer, I considered whether or not the killer was the same height and build of the good ‘ol mayor…

The Sherriff’s Son 

Audrey still may distrust Stavo and his graphic graphic novel, but Brooke is definitely warming up to him. However, she missed his cute little moment where he was trying on the Brandon James mask ready to take some selfies.

Not his finest moment.

So, will they discover Branson’s body in next week’s episode…or will it be another long trek to find out his fate, like it was for Jake? Until next time!

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