Scream: Aftermath Review

“It’s over,” said Officer Clarke on last night’s episode of Scream. Too bad he is so, so wrong. Here’s our review.

While last night’s Scream wasn’t full of a lot of suspense, it definitely tied up one loose end. 

Yes, Emma, Audrey and Noah just happen to cross paths with the missing piece (or head) the police needed to determine whether or not Tyler was Riley and Nina’s killer. After Emma receives an old year book in the mail with the message, “The truth lies where the mask was made,” she brings it to Noah who unleashes his horror knowledge on Brandon James. Apparently the old, abandoned (of course) hospital where the attempted surgical procedures on Brandon James’ face took place just happened to not be too far away. Audrey and Emma decide to go, leaving Noah behind who is still a mess after Riley’s death.

The trio’s way of grieving is to seek answers about Riley’s murder. However, Brooke decides to grieve alone and becomes even more distraught when a poll goes up online on who should be next to die: Emma or Brooke? You guessed it, Brooke had a much higher polling than Emma, which makes her proclaim that she doesn’t want to be known as the kind of person who would leave her friend for a “booty call.” Clearly she feels guilty about Riley’s death, but we will see how easy it is to stick to that change of heart come Monday in Mr. Branson’s class… 

The most outrageous scene of the night was watching Emma and Audrey casually stroll through what looks like the killers hide out/a trap. Noah wasn’t about to let them have all the fun and snuck in as well, nearly being crowbarred and tazered by the girls. Unfortunately last week’s preview kind of ruined any chance for anticipation in this moment since we knew Noah would join them in the murderer’s “lair” eventually. 

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I don’t know about you, but I watch scary movies and TV shows for a twisted plot, but mostly to be scared. Don’t show me the twist in the preview…it just ruins it.

New happenings…

The Text

A text that may not have to do with the killer at all! How refreshing.

This week we were introduced to Brooke’s father, principal of their school. We don’t know too much about him. But after Jake claims to still the video Will thought he got rid of, he tries to convince Will to use it as blackmail to get money for Duke. So when Brooke’s dad gets a text threatening him about something and demanding money, it’s hard not to think these situations are linked. Each week we are seeing more and more connections between characters. Before we know it, the horror podcast girl will be the masked murderer working with Mr. Branson…

Or not…but, who knows? 

The Heart 

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No, we knew the heart wasn’t human that was sent to Maggie a few episodes ago. However, now we have found the culprit. A slaughtered pig. Emma and Audrey only had to follow a trail of old blood to find it, but found it they did. Apparently pig’s blood looks like the yellow brick road to these girls. Sure, if I was in a creepy, abandoned hospital, a murderer potentially living there, and a hallway of smeared blood my first thought would be, “Let’s keep going.”

I know they want answers, but come on!

The Mask

On the trio’s adventure, they discover that Brandon James’ mask was actually made for him to wear after his surgeries. So, it does serve a purpose other than to be scary as hell. They even found one of the masks in the lair and tried to take it, but then out came Tyler’s head and in came the police. Sure, they may have tampered with evidence, but they got more answers quicker than Officer Clarke, which I’m thinking was the point of all this. Not to mention they took their sweet time and decided to upload files from Nina’s computer which was in the hospital to Audrey’s camera’s SD card. Sure, you have all the time of the world when Noah is shouting to you that someone is coming. Yeah, you just go ahead and upload. There’s no time constraint other than…getting caught in the next minute or so. No matter what, this scene seemed like too much of a freebie…and now we know why.

The Sex Tape

Because every teen show has to have one accidental upload of a sex tape. Only one video made it through onto Audrey’s SD card and that was of Emma and Will, which was instantly uploaded and shared with an apparent “list” of people. AKA…anyone under 18. However, when Emma’s classmates see the video, I don’t think they will be expecting a recording of her first time with Will. There’s no chance they won’t watch it though. It’s ruthless, it’s invasive, and it’s destructive. The perfect gossip opportunity.

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The preview for next week’s episode was short, but jam packed. Each week we are being introduced to more and more characters, making the list of enemies and probable murderers longer and therefore, more confusing. Emma continues to be the central target, especially after seeing her picture up with all the ones of Brandon James’ past victims. In fact, her photo was front and center. 

It’s hard to say whether or not Emma will have a quick recovery after her cinematic debut, but if she keeps running with Noah and Audrey, she won’t be down for long.


2.5 out of 5