Scandal: You Got Served Review

The latest episode of Scandal is all about defining where loyalties lie.

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 5, Episode 5

Was it me, or did Olivia’s interview feel like Katniss Everdeen being interviewed in the Capitol? Here’s our review of last night’s Hunger Games…I mean, Scandal.  

If we weren’t sick of how much of a spectacle Olivia has been made of since she exposed herself as the President’s mistress at the start of the season, then we definitely are now. The first half of last night’s episode was spent figuring out how to resell “Olivia Pope” to the public. Even with the help from Leo and her gladiators there was only one voice of reason that could sway her…

…and it wasn’t the President’s.

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I know, you’re shocked. I was too…somewhat. After meeting Jake’s wife, Elise, Jake gives her the sound advice she needed to hear.

Tell the truth.

Of course, Leo told her not to lie in the first place (Olivia’s golden rule), but it was Jake’s calming words that made Olivia realize that was the only thing she could do.

Watching Olivia explain her ring from Fitz to Noah Baker on national television, it reminded me of Katniss attempting to sell her love story with Peeta when she was interviewed by Caesar Flickerman. Sure, Noah wasn’t nearly as theatrical, nor was he dressed in crazy esthetics and Olivia wasn’t about to be thrown in a literal pit of death. However, in a sense, this was Olivia’s final plea to the bloodthirsty public about who she really was. Soon after her explanation, a more real side of Olivia came out and what she shared about her love for Fitz was more raw and true.

Once again, Jake was right.

This episode definitely focused on defining where loyalties lie. OPA’s newest member, Marcus, was tested when two members of the Senate committee investigating Olivia and Fitz’s relationship threatened to destroy him and his family’s reputation if he didn’t essentially “spy” on Olivia for them. Marcus agreed, but is lying and fills the gladiators in on everything the committee knows about Olivia.

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Go, Marcus!

Thank goodness, because if Marcus turned out to be a traitor to Liv, I would have been really disappointed. Shonda Rhimes has already created such an interesting character that it would be a shame to distrust him almost right as we are getting to know him. Not entirely unlikely, but I’m getting a little tired of all these characters and their rather disturbing, horrifying pasts.

At this point, it seems like Olivia has the tamest past compared to them all. Here they are, tearing Olivia apart for having an affair with the president, but at least she doesn’t have actual murder on her hands. Does it bother anyone else that while everyone is being all distraught about losing their jobs (Cyrus) or not being able to be on the Senate committee (Mellie) or not getting to easily go on dates and be with the person they love (Fitz), that all those people have blood on their hands?

Has Mellie already forgotten that she is hugely responsible for killing a whole bus full of people? How can that just be forgiven and let go? I’m sure Mellie won’t get caught, just how Huck won’t get caught for actually being the one to slaughter all of those jurors or how Fitz won’t get caught for smothering an already dying woman. However…can Olivia please consider this as she decides whether or not she fully wants to commit to a completely different life for him?

However, I think with Scandal, we have to forgive and forget. And, when I say forget, really, really try and forget or else no one is really all that lovable. For instance, I have to just forget Jake killed Cyrus’ husband or else I will just be so hung up on the fact (clearly…I’m not so good at forgetting these things). Gladly, most of these characters are so dynamic and interesting, constantly having information revealed about their past lives that make these characters go even farther than we originally thought. Like Jake’s mystery wife who, if anyone else noticed, did not look so pleased to see Olivia at their doorstep last night. I recall a distinct, yet brief look of disgust after she kissed Jake goodbye.

Who knows…I could be wrong.

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Another renewed loyalty was between Cyrus and Fitz. When Fitz and Olivia realize Cyrus is the only one else who knows about the incriminating video of Olivia’s kidnapping, Fitz offers him a job back in the White House in order to sort of bribe him into not sharing the fact that they went to war with West Angola because of the president’s mistress. However, after an attempted heartfelt make up session between Fitz and Cy, Cyrus demands his old job back as Chief of Staff and Elizabeth North out. Well, since we know she has been promoted to a series regular, I don’t think she will be going that far.

As for next week, did I hear wedding bells in that preview? Yes, I did. However, will Olivia and Fitz go through a speedy wedding just to appease America’s demands? We will just have to see!


3 out of 5