Scandal: Trump Card Review

There was a lot of “trumping” in last night’s Scandal. Here’s our review...

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal Season 5 Episode 20

There was a lot of “trumping” in last night’s Scandal as characters pulled out all the stops to win their party’s nomination. Here’s out review.

So who pulled the most damaging trump card of the night? While some came out winners in the end, most everyone lost a little as the presidential nominees were officially chosen. 

Trump Card: Hollis Trump, I mean…Doyle

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Yes, Hollis screwed himself over when Liv set him up and recorded a revealing conversation on his part. After all the racist, misogynistic remarks he had spouted in the last few weeks, which only boosted his ratings… his voters discovered he was a liar. 

Sometimes I wish this storyline was even closer the one it is mocking in reality. Hollis really shot himself in the foot this week thanks to Liv and Abby’s united front to destroy him. 

Trump Card: David Rosen is still an asshole. 

Liv revealed that David made a deal with the Florida governor in order for her to endorse Susan Ross. Susan was devastated, especially since David had just proposed to her. 

Susan has been one of my favorite characters as of late on Scandal and last night was even more reason to love her. She completely turned David away after the big reveal, claiming that she is a great person but since he did this, he clearly doesn’t think as highly as she does of herself. 

Unfortunately, this led to her conceding in the election. It became more and more clear that while she could make a great president, it meant sacrificing who she was in order to do it and that just isn’t who she is. I hope this doesn’t mean it is the last of her that we have seen. She is still the vice president, after all. Not to mention even after her confident, fiery speech to turn down David, the moment he left she broke down and cried. She always has such genuine strengths and flaws that make her probably the most real character on the show. These are the Shondaland characters I adore. 

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Trump Card: Abby learned about Olivia’s abortion.

First off, I love that Olivia’s secret abortion was considered more destructive than Olivia slaughtering Andrew only a few weeks ago. I mean…you didn’t really even have to dig deep for that one. I guess Abby really does like a challenge…

In the end, Abby didn’t play her Trump Card against Liv in order to take down Mellie. Liv did, however, pressure Abby into telling her what she really had on her. Liv didn’t really seem to hurt by this even though it may have ruined Mellie’s campaign. 

Does this mean Abby and Olivia are friends again? I really hope so because I miss their dynamic duo-ness together. However, I shouldn’t count on anything until this race is officially over.

Trump Card: Edison disobeyed Rowan. 

Edison, played by the great theatrical actor Norm Lewis, shined when he disobeyed Rowan’s orders and delivered a powerful, courageous speech to the media. Lewis’ captivating performance was the best we have seen Edison, even though he knew his life may be on the line and that his run for president was over.

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Note to self: The best way to get back and Rowan…don’t listen to him. Unfortunately, it may also be the worst decision of your life.

Unexpected Realizations 

Marcus and Mellie:

Ok, ok so I may have sensed some growing sexual tension between the new comrades but it was made official tonight when they had a lustful moment before Mellie announced herself as the official Republican presidential candidate. 

There’s a connection there, alright.

Jake’s plea for help:

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Of course after Edison’s heroic monologue, Rowan had to remind him who is boss and left Jake to scare Edison into obeying Rowan. But, when Rowan had cleared the room and Jake had Edison’s face slammed against the desk, he told Edison a message to give to Olivia.

He wants out. 

He wants to walk in the sun with, Liv. 

But will Liv be willing to help Jake after her father’s threat to murder him if he disobeyed command? Olivia constantly struggles with loving her father, standing by her father, or taking her father down for good…so who knows if she will even be able to save Jake.

However, I think she is at least going to try.

Well, next week is the season finale and once again…I have no idea how they are going to wrap all of this up. Until next week!

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3.5 out of 5