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Scandal season 5 is gearing up for the finale. We catch you up on all the reviews, news and more...

Editor’s note: Scandal season 5 is back from its midseason break. This article is the news hub for reviews, news, interviews, and more…

With the presidential race is heating up, Scandal is right at home. ABC’s Washington drama is less about actual politics and more about catty bickering, deception, and, well, that sounds a lot like the primary debates. When Scandal season 5 left for its midseason break, plenty of characters found themselves at crossroads. One key character who is clearly on the rise is Mellie, after finally breaking away from the Fitz drama to have her own moment in Congress.

Before the Scandal season 5 finale, we’ve complied everything you need to catch up on steamy TGIT drama… 

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What can we expect from the returning Scandal cast for season 5?

There are several vital characters that were left with their fates somewhat up in the air after the Scandal season four finale.

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However, with the shows’ guiding force being character development, I thought it was important to see how their new circumstances will change the show for season five.

Cyrus Beene

After four seasons of watching this man terrorize innocent people, ruining lives at his own advantage, it was so satisfying to finally see him get his in the end. Olivia has been one of few able to figure out the lengths Cy will go to just to make sure Fitz is safe as President and he as Chief of Staff. If someone ruffles the feathers, then watch out for this Cyrus. 

Anyone remember what happened to Amanda Tanner, Fitz’s alleged lover, in season one? She was found dead in the river of an apparent “suicide.” However, she was actually ordered to be killed by an assassin hired by Cyrus. Or how about how he was about to have Olivia taken out when they were trying to rescue her after she was kidnapped? 

Not to mention the numerous things he did to his own husband, James before he was violently murdered.  

After the finale, we are now in a place where Cyrus has been stripped of his dignity and power and will now be left to fend for himself. Fitz has finally seen Cyrus’ true colors and dismissed him from his chief of staff position. Not many people can bring Cyrus to his knees, however when he is, he quickly gets right back up again. 

It’s hard to say if he will start seeking vengeance or if he will find some other political figure to support. I think it is safe to say though that if he hated Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) before… then he really hates her now. 

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Elizabeth North 

Upon announcement this week that Portia de Rossi was promoted to series regular for season five, many were assuming it would be in ties with Mellie. However, that ship has sailed when Cyrus passed over his security badge to Abby and Elizabeth proudly walked into Cryus’ office with a box of her things in arm and a conniving smile she unabashedly flashed at Cyrus. She is now the new chief of staff and Fitz’s new right hand woman. 

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, de Rossi said that she truly believes Elizabeth wants the best for America and she is will to get her hands a little dirty just to do it. Does she truly support all of President Fitz’s views or is this just her way of sneaking up the political ladder? Well, by the looks of it, she appears to be happy with her new position and out from under Mellie’s tutelage.

Mellie Grant

Just in the last few episodes we have been able to see a more political side of Mellie and have come to understand her position on certain issues, making us even want to support her and her run for senate. However, after watching her with so little remorse for the deaths of 17 innocent jurors, it wasn’t too sad to see Fitz finally be done with her.

Though Mellie is now without the backing of the White House and her husband, I doubt it will slow her down. Mellie has enough to say with or without Fitz by her side. It was hard to say when Fitz kicked Mellie out if it meant just get out of the house or expect divorce papers by the morning. Now it’s clear that Elizabeth was playing a game with Mellie this entire time, coming to Mellie’s aid at every moment showing only humbleness and timidity. With both of these women now in powerful political positions, I’m sure we will see these two butting heads non-stop, consciously making each other’s lives a living hell. 

Also, since Rowan wasn’t actually killed in the finale but only put behind bars, he has even more over Mellie now than just an affair with Andrew, the former vice president. He has her involvement in the deaths of those jurors. I think it is safe to say that storyline is far from over.


Just when you think Huck has been reformed from his assassin days, he falls right back into it again. It is an unattractive and overtly repetitive pattern with Huck. I thought with the re-introduction of his family in his life, it would give him a new sense of purpose or moral standard. I won’t even completely blame Rowan for Huck slaughtering the jurors because of him threatening Huck’s family. Even from the moment he was reunited with them, he was still torturing and making kills… and thoroughly enjoying it.

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I think Huck wanted to die when Quinn had her gun on him. However, she spared him. Maybe Huck won’t ever truly change. It seems to go one of three ways with Huck. He either sinks further into his bloodlust for killing; he doesn’t go too far off the deep-end, but doesn’t stop killing all together, or he just thinks about it but restrains himself (aka… only in first season). If we can get back to first season Huck again for season five, then I will be happy. Perhaps we will see Huck go through some major transformations…who knows? 

Jake Ballard

Jake honorably bowed out of the race for Olivia’s heart in the season four finale and basically told Oliva to go for Fitz, despite being in love with her. There is no word from Scott Foley on whether or not that means he is off the show. But, there is no denying that this man is a true gladiator and if they are to go on, I don’t want them to without him.

Oliva and Fitz 

Why not just put these two together? These two finally got their happy ending-ish. Perhaps, it is really just their beginning. The finale’s final scene placed both Liv and Fitz in the White House. This, I think, was a foreshadow that next season Liv will be spending a lot more time there… and perhaps not so secretly. If this is truly the end of Fitz and Mellie, then maybe Olivia and Fitz will actually go public? 

Unlikely…but next season is sure to focus on them and their new chapter together.  

New Gladiator?

Along with a confirmation of renewal for Scandal for season 5, there was also an announcement that there will be a new gladiator next season!

But, who could it be?

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Honestly, I have missed the heavy presence of our gladiators this season and hope that a new one will bring them together once again. Shonda Rhimes also stated that this person will be someone we have seen before. Could it be a gladiator from the past like Stephen Finch (Henry Ian Cusick) or perhaps someone Liv already worked with like Josie Marcus (Lisa Kudrow)? Does it mean David Rosen will become a full time gladiator after being so clearly taken advantage of and screwed over in his other political positions?

Time will tell…  

To be honest, if the show had been cancelled (which there was never a chance of that) then this ending would have been completely satisfying. Rowan was put away, Cyrus was fired, Mellie was thrown out and Olivia and Fitz got to walk into the sun (even though that was so Jake and Olivia’s thing). However, happy endings are short lived in Shonda-land and while it may appear the worst is over for our fictional, scandalous DC, which just means a job to rattle the cages, has just opened.

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Correction: The original article incorrectly stated that Amanda Tanner was killed in season 1 episode 1. Her body turns up in episode 5.