Scandal: Get Out of Jail, Free Review

Here comes the bride, all dressed in…wait, where did she go? Here’s our review of last night's Scandal.

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 5 Episode 6

Not even the stunning, decadent, flashy, Betsy Ross ring that Fitz picked out for Liv could persuade her into matrimony. Even Elizabeth Bennett could joke about her encouragement to marry Mr. Darcy was only after she saw his rather large estate. However, there weren’t very many light moments in last night’s episode and the idea of marriage pretty much put Olivia into panic mode.

Of course, it was Cyrus’s idea for her and Fitz to get married as a way for Olivia not to testify in front of the judicial committee. She barely considered this plan and came to realize, maybe she wasn’t even ready to get married. Then Fitz went and laid out a proper proposal with rose petals, music, the White House balcony…you know, the usual, standard proposal. Olivia still couldn’t say yes right then. At least she managed to open up about her proposal to both Abby and of course, Jake.

Jake took it as well as you’d think…he hung up on her. Olivia is somewhat blind when it comes to her relationship with Jake. However, seeing how hurt he was after Olivia’s several phone calls asking for advice, I get the feeling their chapter isn’t officially over yet…

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While he is dealing with Olivia’s news, he decides to help his ex-wife Elise with this whole Lazarus One ordeal. However, after she attempted to kill Eli and failed, when Olivia and Mellie got him released in the end, their decision also got Elise killed.

Will Jake be able forgive Olivia for that?

For an episode so focused on this “could be” wedding, so much came to light including things Olivia did not know about Mellie, her father, and about Fitz. She learned about Mellie’s involvement with Eli and the jurors and how that was the reason Fitz kicked her out of the house. Mellie also found out that Eli was the one who killed her son.

Best moments of the night:

The gladiators testify:

Seeing Abby, Quinn, and Huck all back at OPA was just the right amount of throwback Thursday I needed for TGIT. Shonda Rhimes, can that please happen more often this season? We are six episodes in and we have only had a couple of glorious OPA moments. When can we move on from this Fitz/Liv drama and get back to basics? Even though I still secretly root for Jake and Olivia (or, not so secretly), when Fitz walked out onto his balcony at the end of last season to find Olivia there, it was so sweet and exciting. “Olivia and Fitz will finally be together!” Well, maybe if they never left that balcony things would be happy-go-lucky, but the honeymoon period is officially, over. Especially after Oliva gave Abby the task of sending her ring back to Fitz.

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Mellie calls Fitz out…for the millionth time:

Mellie has told Fitz this all before, but this time her cutting, ardent monologue may have sliced into Fitz enough to feel the pain and burden Mellie has held onto for so long. Hello, Fitz? Everything Mellie has done has most definitely been for you…where have you been?

Fitz tried to defend himself, calling out Mellie for having blood on her hands. That’s rich. How about he takes a look in the mirror and says that again.

David Rosen pep talks the Vice President:

I have to say, David Rosen said it tonight when he tried to convince the Vice President not to resign. He expressed his disgust for President Grant, coinciding with the Vice President’s feelings as well. He then went on to say that a president should have the humbleness that she embodies to be in a position to do and change so much. He admires her for that and may have just changed her decision to quit.

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This episode ended with a very unlikely group of people teaming up. Mellie, Olivia, Papa Pope, and the president’s ex-bodyguard. Both of these women are to thank for the release of these two convicts. Olivia needed her father’s help and Mellie needed Liv’s, claiming her as the person who will help her to become the next President of the United States…and I hope she does.

Mellie clearly didn’t stay wounded for long.

However, no one could have looked as defeated as Olivia looked almost throughout this entire episode. Even when she finally accepted Fitz’s proposal by asking him to show her the ring and slipping it on her finger, her face couldn’t have been more glum and sad for someone who just got engaged. She had the same look right before she backed out of it too.

From what it looked like, Papa Pope had enough dirt on the judicial committee to shut the meeting down completely. It looks like the consideration of Fitz’s impeachment is no longer on the table.

But now…Liv owes her dad. Again.

The preview for next week shows a comforting Fitz, a pissed off Jake and a kiss between with Liv and…well, someone who doesn’t look quite like the President…

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Until next week!


3.5 out of 5