Saint X Ending Explained

What really happened to Alison? After eight episodes of mystery, Saint X provides an answer.

Saint X -- Saint X is a psychological drama, which is told via multiple timelines and perspectives, explores and upends the girl-gone-missing genre. It’s a show about how a young woman’s mysterious death during an idyllic Caribbean vacation creates a traumatic ripple effect that eventually pulls her surviving sister into a dangerous pursuit of the truth. Edwin (Jayden Elijah) and Alison (West Duchovny), shown.
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This article contains spoilers for all episodes of Saint X.

Saint X will truly have audiences guessing until the very last moments. The series, which is adapted from Alexis Schaitkin’s novel, is told through multiple timelines with our main characters and after eight episodes, we finally have the truth that Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and audiences have been seeking in the finale, “Faraway.” 

Throughout, we have seen how Alison’s (West Duchovny) mysterious death during a Caribbean vacation with her family has ruined the lives of multiple people, who are still struggling with the trauma of what happened to this day. Emily’s search for the truth leads us all down a rabbit hole, but we learn that closure can only go so far, even when the answers are given to you. 

What Happened Between Gogo and Edwin?

We find out that the real reason Edwin (Jayden Elijah) wanted to keep Sara (Bre Francis) away from his best friend was because he had feelings for Gogo (Josh Bonzie). The night Alison was killed, the two of them kiss and while speaking with Claire, he admits that it “unlocked something” and that changed everything. Alison catches them together and Edwin tells her to go, so she does and they stay out in the woods. Gogo had wanted to run after her, but Edwin stopped him and that alone could have changed everything, which sticks with him in the present day. 

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Later that night, they get pulled over for drunk driving and the next day, they find out about Alison. Edwin tries to make sure they have a solid plan, but Gogo thinks this is what they deserve for being “sinners” and says he never wants to see him again. Gogo ends up being arrested for drug possession, which we know are really Edwin’s, but everyone thinks they murdered Alison and it is simply being covered up. 

Claire Finds Out the Truth

Clive, aka Gogo, finally realizes who Emily actually is after seeing her write on her arm like she did as a child and everything is laid out on the table as she begs for the truth of what happened to her sister. After their conversation with Clive telling her about him and Edwin, she tells Tyler that he knows it was him who slept with Alison the night she died. When he tries to deny it, she threatens to go to the FBI with this new information and it gets him to come clean. He confirms that he knew something was wrong with her, but he had sex with her anyway, which is why everyone thought she had been raped that night. 

That’s not the biggest plot twist though, he reveals that Alison had run away in the middle of it and went back to her room, which she shared with Claire. Tyler heard yelling and left them alone, which means Claire was the last one to see her sister alive. It’s a devastating blow as she is now forced to face the fact that she could have stopped Alison from leaving that night, even though in reality, there was nothing she could have actually done. 

How Did Alison Actually Die?

Despite the story we’ve been told this entire time, we find out that Edwin and Gogo were innocent. The two of them were in the woods when Alison ended up back at the resort. Tyler, who was also a suspect, only slept with Alison and had nothing to do with her death. After running away from him, Alison has a breakdown in her room, saying she’s “gonna do it,” before telling her younger sister (Kenlee Anaya Townsend) that she is going far away and not to rat her out to their parents this time. 

She goes to the beach, stripping out of her clothes and heading into the water. After climbing a rock and letting out a freeing scream, she accidentally slips, twisting her ankle and falling harshly, her body then landing in the water, which is where she is eventually found. The next morning, Claire tells her parents that Alison never returned and the two frantically look for her. Tyler denies seeing her and when Gogo delivers tea to the family’s room, Alison’s father (Michael Park) tries to go after him, making it clear that they think he and his friend did something to his daughter.

Three Months Later

Emily has broken up with her boyfriend and is now moving. Before she leaves though, she goes to the restaurant where she used to meet with Clive, but it turns out he hasn’t been there in weeks. When she does arrive, her parents want answers after their last visit ended in disaster, but she knows they’re not ready for the truth after believing one story for so long.

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She and her mother (Betsy Brandt) have a heart to heart about the aftermath of the incident, both sharing regrets and heartbreak. Emily admits that despite all the answers she has received, it will never be enough and there will always be holes. But it’s time to move on and figure out who she is outside of the trauma of her childhood, starting with embracing the name of Claire again.

Clive has gone back home, reuniting with Sara. Unfortunately, by this point, his son has moved away and we also find out that Edwin doesn’t have much time left because of his smoking. The show’s last moments are filled with stories of Gogo’s time in New York and old memories, making this devastating ending hit even harder. He kisses Edwin on the head and we fade out to them continuing to talk as if no time has passed, even though so much has been wasted. Edwin has no anger for his former best friend, the man he loved and it’s a reminder that life is too short.

All episodes of Saint X are now streaming on Hulu.