Rick and Morty Season 5 Finale Gets Release Date

After a month-long break, Rick and Morty season 5 will return for a two-part finale in September.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Finale Release Date
Photo: Adult Swim

Longtime Rick and Morty fans will surely recall that the show’s release schedule hasn’t always been consistent. 

The successful Adult Swim animated series underwent a lengthy hiatus between seasons 3 and 4 as the show’s producers negotiated a new contract with the network. When season 4 arrived, it was split up into two five-episode halves with a big break in-between then. Rick and Morty season 5, however, has been the model of consistency. Arriving a little over a year after season 4, this season has run through eight uninterrupted episodes since it first premiered on June 20.

Unfortunately, the show’s streak of uninterrupted episodes has now come to an end. Adult Swim has announced that the Rick and Morty season 5 finale will feature two-parts. While that’s certainly welcome news, those final two episodes won’t be coming for a few more weeks.

The two-part Rick and Morty season 5 finale will premiere Sunday, September 5 on Adult Swim at 11 p.m. It will air on Channel 4 in the U.K. on September 5 at 10 p.m. GMT. In announcing the news, Adult Swim also released a brief teaser for the final two episodes. Check it out below:

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As you can see, Rick has whipped out his “Things That Are Better Than Morty Wheel.” While we do love the little guy, it’s hard to argue with the fact that “two crows” are indeed better than him. Did you know that crows like shiny gifts? And if you give them enough gifts they’ll be your friend and bring treasures they find back to you? Birds rule. 

It’s unclear just how connected the final two episodes of Rick and Morty season 5 will be. Each has a very different title without a “Part 1” or “Part 2” designation. Episode 9 is titled “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” while episode 10 is titled “Rickurmai Jack.” The episode descriptions don’t offer much insight either as 9 reads “Two Crows, broh. These guys are mad smart.” while 10 reads “Tryin something new, broh. Doin’ it big.”

Some Rick and Morty fans reported feeling underwhelmed by the two previous season finales due to that lack of investment in the series’ continuity. Based on the Birdperson-centric eight episode of season 5, the show does seem more interested in addressing its own “lore.” How will they feel about Rick “trying something new, broh”? Guess we’ll see in September!