Rick and Morty Season 3: Characters We Want to See Again

Rick and Morty season 3 has debuted and brought back some beloved supporting characters. Here are some more we can’t wait to see.

We did it, you guys.

Back in July of 2015 when season 2 or Rick and Morty was but a gleam in our eager, innocent eyes, we at Den of Geek humbly requested 10 recurring characters from Rick and Morty season 1 that we would like to see in Rick and Morty season 2.

And Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon obliged by bringing back…one of those characters: Squanch, briefly in the final episode.

Ok, that’s not entirely fair. Rick and Morty season 2 brought a few characters back from season 1. Some had already just been telegraphed so much that we didn’t need to include them in our list. Harmon had already spilled the beans (or seeds?) that Birdperson would be making a reappearance. ‘Lo and behold, he did and now he appears to be an enormous part of the Rick and Morty dramatic universe. He even made his “re-return” in the recently debuted first episode of season 3 as Phoenixperson.

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So, let’s try it again for Rick and Morty season 3. If all trends hold steady, we can expect at least one character from season 2 to pop back up in season 3. Here is who we most want to see.

Krombopulos Michael

Krombopulos Michael is the Boba Fett of the Rick and Morty universe. He’s a blood-thirsty bounty hunter with an amazing costume that all fans seem to love despite him being accidentally killed by the heroes surprisingly early on into his run. Sure, Michael is now dead but we would do almost anything to hear that Andy Daly voice declare “Oh boy! Here I go killing again.” Perhaps a flashback episode?


Ok so Roy isn’t a character per se. He’s a video game simulation at Blipz and Chipz! In “Roy: A Life Well Lived” the game player takes on the role of Roy and tries to live his best life. When Rick plays the game, Roy might as well be a real character. Morty got a good 55 years out of Roy but Rick takes him off the grid to lead and shreds his social security number.

Mr. Poopy Butthole

This is almost cheating. Mr. Poopy Butthole was such an amazing and crucial character for Rick and Morty season 2 that he even got to “host” the season finale post-credits scene. It’s almost a certainty that Mr. Poopy Butthole will appear in season 3 but since it’s not announced we’ll just call our shot. Obviously, the name is the big appeal here but even beyond the absurdity of that, this little poopypants is just a hell of a charming guy turned bullet-ridden sociopath.

All the aliens from “Total Rickall”

Speaking of cheating, we’re not cheating here. The alien entity in “Total Rickall” technically all springs from one source. In “Total Rickall” the Smith family is invaded by a parasite that procreates and survives by implanting fake memories into other living creature’s heads. This means that before anyone knows it, suddenly the Smith household is filled with dozens and dozens of zany characters. It’s unlikely any of them could ever reappear again, though it would be a fun twist if one of the weird parasite characters turned out to be real and pops up in season 3.

Fingers crossed for Sleepy Gary.


Armagheadon basically says only two lines in the episode in which he appears. “Show me what you got” and “I like what you got.” The drab monotone in which he says it combined with his bizarre floating head appearance make him one of the funniest characters in season 2 by far. For season 3 he and his merry band of talking heads don’t need to host another music competition but it would be nice to just see him floating through space or something.

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Now here’s a character with room to grow. The Rick and Morty universe reveals once and for all that rapper/actor Ice-T is an eternal wandering alien from the realm of Alphabetrium. He was originally an anthropomorphic “T” made of water then incased in ice and exiled for his crime of complete indifference. This imparts an important lesson to Rick.

Now Ice-T deserves another appearance in season 3 to continue his evolution and maturation. Of course, now he gets to go by his true name again: Water-T.

Zeep Xanflorp

It’s an established fact in the Rick and Morty canon that Rick Sanchez is the smartest being in the universe. Naturally, that means there must be a second smartest being. Why not Zeep Xanflorp (voiced by Stephen Colbert), the leader of the mircoverse that Rick created to serve as a battery to his flying car? Man, this show is complicated.

Sure, Zeep is technically imprisoned within his own microverse for now but he knows that the malevolent God known as Rick Sanchez is out there and it’s still up to him to free his people.


I’m just going to be real with you guys. I find Arthricia very attractive for a young, animated cat lady from a distant planet. Regardless of my creepy, outright shameful and disgusting feelings, Artricia is an excellent character. She is believably sheltered and naïve but also tough enough to withstand the terrors of purging. Her immediate heel turn in insisting that she has a boyfriend when Morty approaches her after saving her life is one of the funniest parts of the episode. Let’s make a return trip to the Purging Planet in season 3 just to see if Arthricia’s boyfriend survived the next round of purging, if he ever existed at all.

Random Alien in Wheelchair Voiced by Werner Herzog

Random Alien in Wheelchair Voiced by Werner Herzog (RAIWVBWH) has no name beyond the one that I’ve given him. The impact he makes with one brief appearance and one brief line dwarfs so many other named characters in TV history. Sometimes you don’t know what’s missing in your life until you experience it. After I witnessed an old alien voiced by Werner Herzog tell his alien doctor colleagues about humanity’s obsession with their penises, I realized that monologue was exactly what I was missing all along. Here’s to hoping we get RAIWVBWH back in season 3 to explain more of humanity’s strange behavior.

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Pat and Donna Gueterman

Who are Pat and Donna Gueterman really? Ostensibly they’re Tammy Gueterman’s mother and father. Of course Tammy Gueterman isn’t really mild-mannered high school student Tammy but Galactic Federation agent Tammy. So Pat and Donna are also agents. What are their lives like? What kind of undercover agent work do they do? I’m dying to find out more. It doesn’t hurt that both are voice by Battlestar Galactica actors Tricia Helfer and James Callis and that Pat and Donna just happen to look exactly like their respective BSG characters Number Six and Gaius Baltar.