Power Rangers Hyperforce Season 2 Details Surface

Pink Ranger Meghan Camarena reveals where the second season of the beloved Power Rangers tabletop series was heading.

Power Rangers Hyperforce Season 2
Photo: Hasbro

Power Rangers Hyperforce, the interactive live-streamed tabletop role-playing game headed by Hyper RPG, finished its one season run on a massive cliffhanger. The Rangers were faced with an altered future, one where villains Rita, Zedd, and Thrax conquered the world. With no other option the team had to head back in time to try and change the future.

Since Hyperforce ended in 2018 we’ve heard very little about what would have occurred in the second season, partly due to the somewhat improved nature of a tabletop game. However, Meghan Camarena who played Pink Hyperforce Ranger Chloe, recently spoke to us about where her character might have gone in a second season.

“Chloe was gonna go bad,” she reveals. “She was gonna join her dad on a quest to find her mom and probably do some questionable things.” In the season finale Chloe was reunited with her untrustworthy father and didn’t take his words to heart about her mother.

Camarena explains that while Chloe would have crossed some lines in her quest she’d always have the right motives.

“(Chloe) had plans to kind of break stuff up from the inside. But she was gonna have to do some stuff that she couldn’t undo. She was going to have to really convince her dad and everyone that she was bad. Chloe was going to go deep, deep undercover and to commit to that. To hopefully undo all the shitty stuff her dad had done and save the people that she cares most about.”

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Camarena is hesitant to reveal more, still holding to the “sliver of hope” that a second season of Hyperforce could be green lit at some point in the future. We can only hope we’ll see more of the Hyperforce team’s adventures, even if it needs to take the form of a comic to get it all tied up.

When speaking about Hyperforce, Camarena made sure to specifically praise Melissa Flores, the director of Power Rangers content at Saban Brands, who helped get Hyperforce off the ground. Without her, Camarena says, Hyperforce would never have happened and she never got enough credit.

“Shame on Saban and Hasbro for overlooking everything that woman did for them. MVP, right there.”

Since Hyperforce, Camarena and Flores created the original live-streamed tabletop role-playing game, The Unleashed, which features a diverse queer cast of superheroes. Camarena is also writing Radiant Pink for Image Comics.