Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Love At First Fight

Chase will fly to the moon for his girlfriend but can their relationship survive Beauticruel?

This Power Rangers Dino Super Charge review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 11

Now that’s more like it. Power Rangers Dino Super Charge had a strong start but it quickly fell into the mediocre to pure garbage territory. I was worried the once strong series had completely lost its mojo, but this week’s episode has hopefully turned things around. I mean come on, how can you not watch this without a big smile on your face?

It furthers the romance between Chase and Kaylee, something I never thought we’d see again! James Davies hits this one out of the park. His performance as Chase was solid before, but now he’s given a great plot to play both comedic and emotional beats. I love it!

First off, Chase makes Kaylee a rocket ship, calling back her desire to be an astronaut. Little things like that help make both Chase and Kaylee feel like a real couple and hey, that space food was romantic. Even if Chase got juice all himself. Aww, they’re adorable!

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Not for long though, when Chase is called into battle. God, dating as a Power Ranger is rough. Rarely do Rangers get into romances and when they do they never seem to go well. If you’re a Ranger and dating a civilian? Even worse! So Chase can’t help but lie. It’s adorable that the normally smooth talking Chase makes up such a dumb excuse like a sick fish.

When Chase runs to the fight, he encounters Beauticruel, our monster of the week. I can’t help but applaud the genius way the writers used the footage this week, turning an ordinary Vivix (who now have genders, apparently?!) into a such a memorable monster. That voice alone had me in stiches, especially when it was coming out of Britney’s body.

You know though? All Beauticruel really wanted was a boyfriend. Sure, she went about it in a totally wrong way, but is that desire so wrong? Should she be destroyed solely for that? This recalls my musings from two weeks ago about the Spikeball just going out to get some food. Doesn’t it make you just want a day in the life episode of a regular monster?

Kudos for the plot of this episode being so strong. It doesn’t veer off in three different directions like last week or have a confusing lesson like Besties 4EVA! Hell, the episode doesn’t even really have a lesson. It’s more just seeing Chase go through these wacky scenarios with his relationship on the line. That’s what made this episode work, the stakes felt realistic. Sure, in the real world we don’t have to deal with aliens ruining our relationships, but that’s just a stand in for the trials of our lives. We all get busy and sometimes we can’t devote as much time to a relationship as we would like.

Chase was faced with the very real dilemma of trying to keep his relationship with Kaylee while also being a Ranger or breaking it off. At the end of the episode it looks like he was prepared to do just that. Chase as a character has really grown and it’s nice to see him handle this maturely.

Is it a cop out Kaylee finds out he’s the Black Ranger and is totally fine with it? Maybe. On the one hand it’s great to see she understands and knows protecting the world is more important. On the other? You almost wish she had called him out for not telling her before now. As a wannabe astronaut though, I’m going to go with she’s happy for Chase. Plus, she was attracted to the Black Ranger in her last appearance so it makes sense.

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If Kaylee does appear again however, I would like to see this moral dilema tackled. Sure, it’s great to know your boyfriend is saving the world, but what about her needs? Does Kaylee have to keep being the good girlfriend to support Chase or should she listen to her own wants? It’d be a great episode! The perfect use of a civilian character.

While Chase dominates this episode Tyler gets a few moments to lowkey steal a scene. The one I’m thinking of is when he’s under the spell and fawning all over Beauticruel. “I love the way you slurp.” God, when was the last time we had an episode this out and out hilarious? The Knights of Amber Beach? Plus we get Shelby being super jealous. Did she really drop that drink on accident? I THINK NOT.

God, I can’t get over this episode. Chase’s sweet talking ways help save the day but make him look like a dick to Kaylee! His description of the “perfect” girl to Beauticruel had me crying. Plus we get a little set up for Silver Ranger at the end. He can’t get to Earth without their help? Hmm, seems innocuous enough but something in that voice makes me think there’s more here than meets the eye.

This episode was a joy from start to end. Fantastic monster of the week, great use of Poisandra and Curio, phenomenal performance by James Davies, a great recurring civilian character, and so many jokes that perfectly land. The stand out moment was Chase revealing the deception to Beauticruel, knowing full well he may have lost his girlfriend because of it. I didn’t even mention everything great in this episode because it was all so good! Alright Dino Super Charge, you’ve got my attention again.

Stray Thoughts

– Koda’s attempt to build a rocket was adorable. He’s such a little puppy of a person.

– Anyone else notice Koda raised his hand was Beauticruel asked which one of them wanted to be her boyfriend? Awwww.

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– The simple act of tossing the body swapped Beauticruel in the garbage was unexpectedly hilarious.

– “Stop, you mismatched pile of candy hearts!” Puns are great, but these zingers are GOLD.

– Philip had zero reason to be there, but it was nice to see him again.

– “She needs to learn love hurts.” Yesss, Heckyl.

– “Give me a big hug, you magnificent megazord!”“You’re making us MEGA bored!”

I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did.

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5 out of 5