Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Roar of the Red Ranger Review

Things get virtual with daddy issues on this week's Power Rangers Dino Super Charge!

This Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 5

Huh, you know when I sat down to watch today’s episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge I was shocked. They accidentally ran an episode of the classic series VR Troopers instead! Weird, right?

Well, since we didn’t get an episode of Power Rangers I may as well review this one. 

On today’s episode of Saban’s VR Troopers entitled Defending Dino Heart, Ryan and the other Troopers are out in the forest of Cross World City looking for clues to locate Tyler’s dad. Kaitlin, tired of all of Ryan’s moaning, broaches the subject of maybe giving up the search and moving on his with life. Ryan, furious and refusing to face his daddy issues, storms offs from the group, leaving his virtualizer with JB for analyzing.

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While monologuing to himself (while a weird Asian riff plays out of nowhere) Ryan is attacked by one of Grimlords goons. He tries to defend himself, but Ninjabot is too fast. Just when he thinks he’s defeated, a new Trooper shows up out of nowhere… Could it be…. No. No, it couldn’t be Ryan’s Dad… It must be someone else. Maybe it’s Woody? Percy? Poindexter?

Ryan stumbles back to the lab, the others unaware that Ninjabot placed a virus in Tyler’s virtualzier. After some comical reassurance from Jeb, the Troopers field test one of Professors Hart’s newest weapons, an upgraded Trooper form for Ryan. I should take a moment to point out, what is with VR Troopers and crystals? All of a sudden the Professor is obsessed with these things called Energems. At least Hart is doing something this week and not just staring at the Troopers with his cold dead eyes.

No sooner than Ryan calls out, “Trooper Transform!” he’s overcome by a dinosaur inspired virus. Ryan can’t control himself and he lashes out at the other Troopers.

JB tries to use his Hypno Saber Command attack but Ryan shakes it off with ease. Kaitlin is busy fighting an army of Ultra Skugs. All hope seems lost… Until the new Trooper returns.

Now okay, I know I’ve talked about this with VR Troopers before, but the footage integration is getting ridiculous. It was one thing when they were only combining Spielban and Metalder, but now they just throw in Solbrain with no rhyme or reason. I get the color sort of matches Ryan’s but… the footage doesn’t even come close to matching. The American costumes still look awful. It doesn’t really knock away any points because it’s something you’ve just got to accept with VR Troopers, but I thought I’d point it out anyway.

The new Trooper attempts to calm Ryan down and it’s revealed that Tyler Steele is the new Trooper. Ryan is astounded he’s really touching his father for the first time in ten years. The reunion is put on hold as Kaitlin calls for backup. Tyler helps Ryan unlock his new Dino Trooper mode and they rush into battle. Ryan says he can handle this and transports the Ultra Skugs into Virtual Reality.

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I have to admit, as hokey as the Virtual Reality thing is, it really helps explain how Ryan went from the middle of the forest to a quarry in no time flat. Making quick work of the Ultra Skugs, Ryan summons the new Troopertron to take down Grimlord’s monster. Dino Super Drive alert! Troopers, prepare for Dino Super Drive Mode!

The day is saved and Tyler lets Ryan in on just what’s happened to him. Apparently, Tyler could have revealed himself to Ryan at any time these past past ten years but he was just waiting for the right moment, having no idea the Troopers were active this past year. I know most of their fights take place in Virtual Reality, but this excuse is kinda weak. I’ll hold off until next week for full judgment though.

Ryan holds no ill feelings to his father and the two get back to what they always bonded over, practicing karate in front of that damn temple. It ends with the classic VR Troopers quote we’ve all come to know and reference. “I love you, Dad.”

Defending Dino Heart was a solid episode for VR Troopers. Absent father showing up out of nowhere to help his son unlock new powers, random footage integration, daddy issues, and training. I know I might be over rating it here, but I’m giving this episode a solid 4/5. Not the best, but we finally get some much needed plot progression. If you want to read more about this classic series, you can find more information here!

What? Wait, this wasn’t an episode of VR Troopers? It was an episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge?

Oh…. Oh.

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 Yeah wow, that episode was pretty solid until the end where Tyler’s Dad just up and admitted he could have let his son know he was alive any time in the past ten years. Maybe next week will clarify it but right now… Yeah, it makes no sense and Tyler is way too chill about it.

Stray Thoughts 

– New Zealand Reference Counter: 0. Seriously, should I just retire this thing?

– I love the subtle bits of characterization with Heckyl and Snide. Heckyl likes to plan things out, take it slow. Snide has no patience. Good attention to detail.

– Kods apparently LOVES eating crayons.

– Did anyone else get a Trial By Fire vibe when Tyler was getting judged for his target practive?

– You see that face when Chase take’s the green charger instead of Riley? Lovers quarrel a comin’!

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– “It’s morphin time!” “You mean it’s LOSING time.” No.

– “I hypnotized him… OR ANGRITZED HIM.” Nooooooo.

– I’m glad the Rangers never aging with the Energems FINALLY means something to the overarching plot.

– Okay but really, let Kendall fight, especially since it’s ALL American footage. Let her show up in the Megazord! 

– Is Tyler’s Dad gay for Rusty?

Shamus Kelley thanks you all for reading this little tribute to VR Troopers. Seriously, this episode was the stealth VR Troopers tribute I’ve wanted from Dino Charge all along. Follow him on Twitter!

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1.5 out of 5