Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: A Date With Danger Review

Chase learns about a crazy little thing called love on this week's Power Rangers Dino Super Charge!

This Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 4

Romance in Power Rangers. It’s never been anything to write home about, has it? Oh sure, everyone remembers Tommy and Kimberly. They were cute and fun, albeit not as good as everyone remembers. It was a third grade view of high school romance.

We all know the real greatest Power Rangers romance was between Ethan and Cassidy. A couple that tried dating, realized it didn’t work, and broke up. What a concept! It’s as if they acted like real people or something. I don’t even need to say what the worst romance is, because it wasn’t even really a romance. Yeah, Jake and Gia. Ugh.

I bring all that up because while Tyler and Shelby this season has been a cute little slow burn of a romance, it’s very middle school. They give each other looks, or in the case of this episode a peck on the cheek. We haven’t really seen them tackle anything emotionally investing, while Chase gets a lot of ground to cover here. Oh sure, Kaylee falling for the Black Ranger out of nowhere is contrived. For someone who’s studying to be an astronaut, you think she’d be a little smarter then to fall someone she can’t see.

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The emotional honesty here is a little closer to real life then we’re used to in Power Rangers romance. Chase is completely self obsessed, a trait that’s been on display many times. This week, he realizes that it doesn’t always work. It’s inferred that Kaylee liked Chase’s self confidence at first, but it quickly grew stale. Chase has probably never been with a girl this long and he doesn’t know how to keep a relationship going past a third date.

It speaks to a real world relationship through the lens a young viewer can understand. Chase is so concerned making himself look cool, which is almost assuredly a mask for his own insecurity, he doesn’t spend any time getting to know Kaylee. This is getting into subtext, but I theorize Chase is afraid of getting to know people he might like. He puts up a literal and figurative mask and would have kept doing it if not for Keeper remembering to mentor this week. This is so he can protect his emotions and not have to face his own insecurities. Even if he didn’t know Kaylee wanted to be an astronaut, he knew she was smart. He knew he couldn’t compete with that, so he desperately tried to impress her.

Guess what? It didn’t work. Kaylee was fed up with it and dumped Chase. Sure, she had a crush on the Black Ranger, but it was great to see her stand up for herself and set a great example for the kids watching. You don’t have to pretend to be interested in your significant others hobbies if that’s all they’ll talk about. I’m all about that.

Once Chase demonstrates he does care more than just himself in saving Kaylee they get back together. I get the feeling we won’t see her again, but even if we don’t? I dug this plot. A nice message that forwarded Chase’s character development. A good example of a standalone plot that ultimately does have some impact. 

The B plot about Tyler was kind of rushed and was only there to set up the events of next week. I appreciate the show taking time out to do a B plot, but it just wasn’t all that engaging. It needed a little breathing room, plus it had no thematic connection to the A story.

Let’s talk about Singe, our new recurring villain. I dig this guy. First off, he’s not just another monster from the prison. He’s an alien from somewhere out in the galaxy who’s traveled to Earth after hearing about the Energems. It’s the tiniest bit of worldbuilding, but I’ll take it. And hell, one of his first lines is the matter of fact, “I travel in a burning asteroid. Need I say more?” He can stay.  Let’s hope Singe and Fury’s rivalry has more progression then the Sledge/Fury dynamic did over the course of Dino Charge. At least Singe calls Fury out about not getting a single Energem in a million years.

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Overall, this was a solid outing for Dino Super Charge. Not perfect, but enjoyable and a great focus for Chase. Plus, Shelby got to lay down some advice. As it should be.

Stray Thoughts 

– New Zealand Reference Counter: 1. Chase name-drops Auckland.

– “Only one way to cure a hero headache. Crush them.” Singe is killing it with these one liners.

 – “It’s called a last blaster. Cause it’s the LAST blaster you’ll ever see.” That’s on the level of Brickneck’s, “I’m no one. And I’m too tough for the Power Rangers!”

– “Humans are obsessed with a crazy little thing called love.” Dying.

– You know, why can’t Kendall be in her own zord? She could have just picked Tyler up.

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– “Even your megazord is mega lame.” No.

– “The grille not the girl!” WOMMMPPPPPPPP

Shamus Kelley is loving the focus on girls in STEM fields this season. Keep it up, Power Rangers!  Follow him on Twitter!


3.5 out of 5