Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5 Review: Taking Care of Business

We're still struggling with why Devon didn't just tell his dad he was a Ranger.

This Power Rangers Beast Morphers review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5

Why didn’t Devon tell his dad he was a Power Ranger? That was my main thought throughout the episode. At every single turn I couldn’t rationalize why he wouldn’t just blurt it out to him. For Devon the respect of his father is everything. As in the premiere, we get more references to Devon being a huge screw up in the past and wanting to make it right.

So why not tell his dad? I know in the premiere Mayor Daniels was wary of Grid Battleforce and Morph-X but they haven’t done enough to stress why Devon should keep his identity secret. For something that clearly eats him up inside this should be a bigger conflict.

We don’t get a single moment with Commander Shaw or even Ravi explaining why Devon can’t tell. It’s incredibly important and would be a huge source of conflict. I’m glad there is some tension between Devon and his dad but for it to work? All parts of the plot need to make sense and land. 

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It’s a shame because there’s a good character arc for Devon in here. What made Devon want to change from his screw up ways in the premiere? Was it becoming a Ranger? Why did we skip over that and make him a generic upstanding citizen? It feels like we missed a really important step in favor of Devon being your standard Power Rangers role model.

The premiere did such a good job setting up all this conflict between the characters and hasn’t done much with it. They even discard the Mayor’s wariness of Grid Battleforce by the end of this episode! So hey, I guess that gets rid of the reason why Devon can’t tell his dad, right?

It’s strange this plot was dropped because it would have made Devon not telling his dad make more sense. If Mayor Daniel’s was more openly hostile to Grid Battleforce? Devon telling him about being a Ranger might cause more friction.

The biggest thing that saves this plot is Rorrie D. Travis. He sells every single bit of Devon’s conflict. The pride in making his dad happy and the guilt in hiding what’s really going on. The scene where Mayor Daniel’s helps him at the car wash (where we get a mention of Devon’s mom!) is fantastic and helps to anchor the episode. When he’s given the ultimatum of staying at his job or being fired? Devon doesn’t need to say anything. Travis’ expression says it all.

As for the rest of the episode? The new recurring (I hope) storyline of harvesting monster parts is intriguing and it thankfully makes the Zord fight actually contribute to the rest of the episode. Meeting General Burke and learning Ben and Betty are his kids was nice, though I wish those two would get other beats to play besides “overly wacky.” Also, why is the General that wacky? Commander Shaw, you need to show that guy how to do this job!

Beast Morphers biggest issue right now is squandering all the potential of the premiere. It did such an exemplarily job that it’s a shame the series isn’t developing this plots better. This episode wasn’t a disappointment like last week, but I’m still yearning for more.

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2.5 out of 5