Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Believe It Or Not

A middling premiere leaves us worried about season two of Beast Morphers.

This Power Rangers Beast Morphers review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 1

Last season Power Rangers Beast Morphers left us with some great hooks for the future. The real Roxy and Blaze came out of their comas and Mayor Daniels was infected by Evox. This premiere didn’t have to address all of those things but it’s a shame the episode is so middling. It decides to go for a slow reintroduction instead of hitting the ground running with its new status quo.

Season one of Beast Morphers had a problem with not taking full advantage of the plot lines it had set up and the way this episode treated Roxy and Blaze especially makes me worried for the future. Blaze especially is now treated as Devon’s friend with no mention of how he was a dick before Evox created his avatar. Why did they drop this plot? Maybe it’ll come back but right now Blaze just seems like a new human friend.

More effective is the scene between Roxy and Ravi. It seems as if the two are dating again, which is a fascinating development considering Ravi broke-up with Roxy because of the “Rangers can’t date Rangers” rule. This episode doesn’t mention it explicitly but this at least gives us some indication the show may return to it. There’s also the look Roxy has when Ravi has to take off. She seems unsure about something. Maybe her and Ravi quickly got back together and she isn’t sure if she likes it? Please return to this, Beast Morphers

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Mayor Daniels is seen setting up Morph-X towers around the world, which subtly addresses his infection by Evox. Perhaps he’s rushing these along in order for Evox to have more power in the future? It’s nice to see some Devon be bummed his dad can’t hang out with him and the show could mine some drama out of this later.

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That’s the problem though, we’re already in the second-half of this show. The “hopefully we’ll get to this later” won’t work for much longer. The show needs to run with its status quo changes. I know the series delights in the status quo and stand-alone episodes but if there’s anytime to change things up? The premiere should have been it. Instead we get Steel making a giant conspiracy web board about Evox being back and the Rangers not believing him.

On paper this isn’t a bad idea. Steel is the best character and the Rangers not wanting to believe Evox could be back is a good idea. They even mention this was the case at the end of the episode…  but nothing is really done to set it up at the start. We don’t see too much of the Rangers enjoying non-Ranger life. Devon is training like we’ve seen him do before. Zoey is doing target practice. Nate is making new weapons. The only one doing something different is Ravi but even he abandons it for training. To make this idea work we needed to see the Rangers enjoying their civilian life more

Much like season one of Beast Morphers, this episode has some good ideas but it has trouble following through on them. Also, the A story of Steel’s conspiracy sadly didn’t land. Steel having the stringboard is a neat gag but it’s strange the Rangers don’t give it more serious consideration. Nate especially blows the idea off when it seems he should be the one to have some faith in his brother. If they had set-up the Rangers enjoying their civilian life more this conflict could have worked but without it just feels empty. They have the Rangers be harsh solely to get the plot moving, not because it feels organic. I like the Rangers can be a little mean to each other but it doesn’t feel earned when they’re usually so nice.

Much of the episode is taken up with a very long action sequence. It’s not bad and there’s some good original fight footage but without an emotional through line or believable conflict it just feels empty. I don’t mind action heavy episodes. They can make for great premieres but pairing it with such a middling plot leaves me worried about Beast Morphers season two. 

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How long will it take for the show to get rolling? Will they make use of the set-up from last season or will the show be content with biding its time? It’s a little early to say but this season doesn’t have the luxury of a whole forty episodes ahead of it. It needs to get going and a soft launch like this doesn’t inspire much confidence.

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2.5 out of 5