Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 15 Review: Sound and Fury

Power Rangers shocks us with a one-off human character who's vile to the core. We love it.

This Power Rangers Beast Morphers review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 15

After watching Power Rangers for over twenty-five years, the series can rarely surprise you. It has its formulas and tropes. It’s often very set in its ways. The Rangers will often help a kid or fellow teen with an issue. We just saw it in the last episode. Even if the main guest star is being a jerk, they’ll come around by the end. 

NOT. SO. HERE. When the character of Megan was first introduced I had a solid idea of where she’d be going. She’d do anything to get the job as Nate’s lab assistant but along the way she’d screw up and need Zoey’s help. They’d make nice, become friends, Megan would apologize, Zoey would forgive her, it’d be chill.

NOPE. Megan is a straight up dick the entire episode and it’s AMAZING. This girl is willing to do anything to get the job. She straight up blackmails Zoey TO HER FACE. She sabotages Nate to steal his job! She manipulates everyone around her to get what she wants and she feels no remorse about it. When confronted by Commander Shaw she tries to make excuses or bold face lie. There’s no scene at the end that shows her on the road to redemption. No nice moment with Zoey. Commander Shaw just tells her to get the eff outta there.

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I. LOVED. THIS. I was expecting Megan to be revealed as a monster or be under an evil spell but nope, she’s just an asshole. It might be the most true to life moment Power Rangers has had… ever? We don’t need some sad backstory why Megan is doing this; she’s just an awful person. Normally in Power Rangers I’m all about moral greys but it’s refreshing to see the series which bends over backward to not let any humans ever be solely evil suddenly just have a random one off character be vile. It demonstrates that some people can’t be reasoned with, you can’t appeal to their better humanity, they’re just awful and deserve everything that’s coming to them.

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Megan’s underhanded tactics just made her getting fired by Commander Shaw all the sweeter. I haven’t felt that kind of “HELL YEAH” moment in this series for a while and it was a great moment I’ll remember for a long time. Honestly? If they brought back Megan for season two I wouldn’t be mad!

The way Megan blackmailed Zoey at first had me worried. Hadn’t Nate been the one to show feelings before? Why was he dismissing the idea of it being a date but Zoey was hesitant? Thankfully the end of the episode revealed Nate was trying to play it cool even though he’s liked Zoey for a while. Zoey’s feelings kinda came out of nowhere but I’m okay with it since the final scene of the two promises an engaging arc going forward.

We’ve already heard about the “Rangers don’t date Rangers” rule with Roxy and Ravi but to see two other Rangers realize their feelings and see how it plays out from the start? That has the potential for some real conflict. How will they keep it hidden from the rest of the team? What happens if they find out? Will Commander Shaw force them to break-up or resign?  We’ve got the rest of this season and the next to see it play out!

The new Red Fury Mode thankfully didn’t overshadow the main plot but it’s always a shame to see the Red Ranger get a power-up instead of anyone else. When is Zoey getting her power-up, hmm? The only other missed opportunity in this episode was the star of the Hydra Worm movies not being Nikki Valentina. Come on, people. Give Dino Thunder’s ‘Ocean Alert’ some love!

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4 out of 5