Pat Sharp interview

Simon tracked down Pat Sharp, the legendary host of Fun House, for a quick chat about life, the universe, and mullets...

Pat Sharp, replete with his now-gone trademark mullet, had a very busy 1980s. From hosting the childrens’ quiz show Fun House, through to his pop career with Pat & Mick, scoring hits such as “I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet” and “Let’s All Chant”. He’s still a busy man now, but spared us a minute for a very quick chat…

DoG: How did you come to get involved in Fun House?

Pat Sharp: It was actually very simple, just an interview arranged through my agent. The other guy who was up for it was John Leslie, by the way!

DoG: And when you got to the show itself, how were the kids? Were they little sods?

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Pat Sharp: They were fine. They were always too nervous to be out of order!

DoG: Whatever happened to the twins from Fun House?

Pat Sharp: They’re both married! Both of them are out of the business these days, too.

DoG: How fast did the karts in that Grand Prix actually go? Would they get through a modern day health and safety test?

Pat Sharp: There were restricted and quite slow. But I can’t imagine any part of Fun House being okay for today’s mad, politically correct society!

DoG: The show ran for 12 years – an extraordinary run, even then. What do you think its secret was?

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Pat Sharp: It was bright and fun just like it said on the tin. And also it was quite wild and different for its time as well.

DoG: How many episodes did you film at a time?

Pat Sharp: We used to film the whole series in just week, in Glasgow. We did seven days, fourteen shows at a rate of two a day. Which was hard work as there was a lot of mess and resetting involved!

DoG: Can you tell us what the story is with the pilot adult version of the show?

Pat Sharp: Linda Lusardi hosted it, and she had two strapping lads as the twins! It never took off, though. Carol Smillie was a contestant on the pilot episode though, which springboarded her to fame when the executives at Scottish TV saw her!

DoG: Rumours keep coming up about a Fun House revival. Is there any truth in this, and would you be involved in it?

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Pat Sharp: I would like to host an adult version that’s brought up to date, yes. But nobody has taken up the challenge in the world of television yet!

DoG: You had seven hit singles as part of Pat & Mick. They must have been extraordinary times? How was going on Top of the Pops? Was it easier performing on the show or hosting it?

Pat Sharp: Hmmmm! I found it much easier to host the show, as I could never remember all the words to mime to when I was performing on it!

DoG: Are you ever tempted to once again get back together with Mick Brown?

Pat Sharp: Not sure if our wives would be up for that! Oh, you mean singing? No!

DoG: What do you find people ask you about the most now? Fun House, DJing, Pat & Mick?

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Pat Sharp: It’s probably Fun House, I reckon. It’s got kind of a cult status.

DoG: You do lots of University DJ work now?

Pat Sharp: Yes, I play quite a few University gigs. But I also do lots of different types of shows, from corporate to clubs to resorts abroad.

DoG: Our friend Kevin is gutted that you didn’t play Foo Fighters at his University SU event that you DJed. Have you any message for the poor, broken man, as he’s scarred by the event?

Pat Sharp: Tell Kevin I will make it up to him and have the twins sent over.

DoG: Kevin says thank you very much. Two more questions: firstly, what do you spend your time doing these days?

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Pat Sharp: I am still on air most days with various radio shows – my first love – across Cambridge on Monday to Friday on Q103 with the Number 1 Drive Show. Plus I do an 80s show on Sundays which is aired on three other stations, along with the syndicated show called The Weekend Vibe which airs on numerous stations in the UK and Europe weekly.

I freelance for BBC London at the moment, too, plus run my own music imaging production company, making TV themes and jingle packages for radio.

DoG: And finally, do you wish you’d put your hair up for sale on eBay?

Pat Sharp: eBay was not up and running when my hair came off some fifteen years ago, I’m afraid…!

Pat Sharp, thank you very much!

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