Once Upon a Time: Shattered Sight review

Once Upon a Time rebounds this week with a delightful (and funny) episode. Here's Rebecca's review...

This Once Upon a Time review contains spoilers.

It’s a fact that the cast of Once Upon a Time does not gather to do table-reads of each script before they begin production. Tonight’s episode proved that this choice was, indeed, a wise one and not just an unfortunate consequence of Katsis and Edwards being too damn lazy to shift their butts from LA to Vancouver (hello extremely wealthy dudes, allow me to introduce you to something called video-conferencing). If the cast had been gathered together to read this week’s completely perfect and completely hilarious episode, the reading would have taken hours. That is because Lana Parrilla and Ginnifer Goodwin would have both frequently needed laughter induced pee-breaks. Goodwin more often than Parilla. You know, because, baby.

The excellence of tonight’s episode doesn’t erase the memory of last week’s waste of time, nor does it ease my mind about next week’s winter finale. Once Upon a Time consistently has multiple balls up in the air (ha, I said balls – NO TIME TO LAUGH ABOUT IT NOW) and just because a few of them dazzled this week, I don’t doubt that some are sure to fall with a resounding splat come Gold’s star turn next week.

But let’s not brood about that which has yet to occur, self. Instead, let’s talk about the Spell of Shattered Sight and the havoc it wreaked on Storybrooke. Was Ingrid redeemed? Did everyone get their memories back? Were the Frozen bitches relieved to discover that their parents hadn’t hated Elsa? Is Kristoff still passed out/possible dead on the beach? The answer to all of these questions is a clear and resounding yes. It was great to see the story arc reach it’s natural and logical end. But it was ever so much nicer to have temporary-evil Regina and temporary-evil Snow White fighting with swords in the sheriff’s office.

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I don’t know who is responsible for their dialogue, but whoever thought it best to have Snow charge a fully-costumed Regina screaming “I WAS TEEEEEN” when Regina once again brings up Snow’s ‘betrayal’ of yore, gave us at home exactly what we wanted, and what many of us have been screaming every time Regina insists on bringing the old issue back up. Let it go girl, that dude ain’t nothing but a zombie now anyway. I feel like we got to see a little bit about what drives the actors completely nuts about the characters they play!

To point out how unfeasible Regina’s clothes are to walk in, to have Snow herself points out that she is annoyingly sweet, to have Charming snap at Snow about her inadequacies as a mother – brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. They could have taken a serious turn and allowed the accusations that flew under the curse linger and fester in real life, but I was glad that instead they went the route of popping the zit, as it were: All anger was expelled in a sharp, fast fashion and now we’re all ready for the winter finale.

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4 out of 5