My Little Pony, Mane-Six Characters

To help you get started with your My Little Pony watching: a guide to your mane six ponies.

One of the greatest mysteries of the Geek universe is the issue of Bronies. Why would a fullgrown man engage in a fandom aimed at young girls? The author’s answer to this question is simple – the characters. The characters make this show awesome. Here is a brief description of the Mane Six.


Rainbow Dash
Element of Harmony – Loyalty
Memorable Appearances – Fall Weather Friends, May the Best Pet Win, The Mysterious Mare Do Well 

Rainbow Dash: number 1 fan of the Wonderbolts, Lesbian icon, inventor of the sonic rainboom and the boldest Pegasus in all of Equestria. Rainbow Dash is an incredibly good flyer who is very self-assured and tends to be on the cocky side. She boldly flies into any situation (often before thinking about it) and attempts to fix any problem with her fancy moves. She is often very concerned about her self-image (as seen in Read it And Weep). Like many of us, her cockiness is often just a cover for her insecurity. Her concern over being seen as cool is often at odds with her ability to remain a good and positive friend. She often has to be reminded that humility is a virtue and that friendship should come before personal ambitions. Despite that she is a wonderful friend and often helps her friends face their fears and grow because of it.


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Element of Harmony – Kindness
Memorable Appearances – Dragonshy, Stare Master, Putting Your Hoof Down 

One of the things to note is that each set of characters of the same “species” are foils of one another. Fluttershy is a much different Pegasus than Rainbow Dash. She is shy, easily frightened and very unsure of herself. She is incredibly cautious and often strongly considers a situation before jumping into it. One of the things that is most interesting about her as a Pegasus is that her flying abilities are very weak compared to other Pegasi that we have met on the show. She finds that she is much more comfortable in the realm of the Earth Ponies. In a dramatic moment displaying how she acquired her cutie mark (the MLP equivalent to puberty, we think) Fluttershy falls from the clouds and lands on the ground. (A dear friend of this author finds an analogy here about the fall of Lucifer.) Well Fluttershy’s fall leads her to find her calling as a helper of animals. Though she is painfully shy and often unwilling to go outside her comfort zone, Fluttershy is a great friend. She embodies kindness, empathy and is beginning to learn what it means to stand up for one’s self.


Twilight Sparkle
Element of Harmony – Magic
Memorable Appearances – The Ticket Master, Winter Wrap Up, Lesson Zero

If there was a protagonist to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic it would be Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle is a Unicorn from Canterlot and is a student under the guidance of Princess Celestia. She decides to stay in Ponyville after saving it from destruction. Her studies focus on the magic of friendship and the lessons of each episode are often taught through her letters to Celestia. Twilight Sparkle embodies many contradictions, which makes her one of the more complex characters of this show. She is rational, logical and scientific yet her element of harmony is magic. She is an excellent and dedicated student yet is always concerned about failing assignments. She didn’t understand the power of friendship despite being surrounded by ponies who care about her (her brother, Spike, Princess Celestia, etc). She is a very open minded friend and an incredible listener though sometimes her rational leanings lead to misunderstandings regarding others feelings.


Element of Harmony – Generosity
Memorable Appearances – Look Before You Sleep, Suited for Success, A Dog and Pony Show

If Twilight Sparkle is the essence of practicality, Rarity is all things fabulous. She is a Unicorn who values beauty, style and appearance. She runs a dress shop and is always creating her own unique sense of style. She is the object of affection for Spike. And though she can be very materialistic and vain she is also much deeper than that. She is very focused on running her own business and often uses her creativity to help in situations. She is very generous with her time and energy and is often found creating dresses for her friends. She embodies both the feminine and the tough. She is a wonderful friend and a great big sister.


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Apple Jack
Element of Harmony – Honesty
Memorable Appearances – Applebuck Season, Look Before You Sleep, Over a Barrel

Apple Jack is what we would consider “a guy’s girl.” If Apple Jack were a human girl (and not a cartoon pony) she would out drink you and arm wrestle you until you were in pain. And then she’d laugh at you. She’s an incredibly tough worker who is dedicated fully to her family’s apple farm. Her role as a sister and granddaughter are the most important roles her in life. She is tough and strong while also being a very savvy business woman who always puts her family first. She is also a wonderful friend, often helping to bring a sense of practicality to situations. She brings both the brawn and the brains when her friends call on her for help.


Pinky Pie
Element of Harmony – Laughter
Memorable Appearances – Feeling Pinky Keen, Party of One, Baby Cakes

If Apple Jack is “work hard,” Pinky Pie is the “play hard.” Pinky Pie is a girl always on the search for a good time and is usually actively seeking out fun. She’s the friend that bursts into song and giggles. She is always the one throwing a party and making delicious goodies. In fact, she has her very own party cannon taking her continuously ongoing party of a life on the road. She also has some very quirky (and lovable) traits including a “Pinky sense” which is something like a cross between intuition and an impending sense of doom. She thinks very “outside the box.” She’s a great friend who is always ready to make herself look silly if it means a friend will smile. Pinky Pie is a friend who always encourages and helps her friends cheer up. 

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