My Little Pony, Season 3, Episode 12: Games Ponies Play, Review

Take things as they come . . .

This episode of My Little Pony was highly unusual in its format. Episode 11 featured Spike taking care of all the animals while the Mane Six had some business to attend to in the Crystal Empire. This episode overlaps with the last one and focuses on what the Mane Six were doing at the Crystal Palace.

We find out that Princess Cadence (Twilight Sparkle’s old babysitter and current sister-in-law) needs the Mane Six to serve at the welcoming committee for the Games Commissioner. It appears that the Crystal Empire has a chance to host the Equestria Games and Princess Cadence wants to make sure they give the best impression possible in order to secure the games. Almost as soon as the Mane Six land in the Crystal Empire, things start to go wrong. We find out that the Game Commissioner is very nit-picky and detail oriented. Twilight Sparkle begins to freak out, but Princess Cadence teaches her some breathing exercises so that she can remain calm. Twilight Sparkle’s nerves remain shot as they find out that the pony in charge of fixing Princess Cadence’s hair in the traditional Crystal Empire fashion cannot come. She has sent a long list of instructions and Rarity attempts to take on the task of fixing her hair. Then they find out that the Commissioner will be arriving hours sooner than planned. Rainbow Dash discusses how this is probably an attempt to “psych them out” and that they should just remain calm and go with the flow.

They go to meet the Games Commissioner at the station. They only know that she has floral luggage. This lack of detail leads to a situation involving mistaken identity. They grab the first pony they see with floral luggage and give her the grand tour. She seems completely mesmerized by the hospitality she has discovered in the Crystal Empire. She gets a grand tour of the palace (unfortunately cut short by her claustrophobia) and expresses that she would love to come to the Crystal Empire more often. Of course at this point they discover their horrible mistake and they are unable to find the actual Commissioner. The real Game Commissioner is quite upset by being snubbed. She confronts Princess Cadence, who is simply at a loss for words. The Mane Six explain their mistake. The Game Commissioner seems to put the pieces together from a conversation she had earlier with another pony with floral luggage. This other pony talked about the wonderful hospitality and kindness of the ponies here. She is thoroughly impressed with how the Mane Six treated a stranger and decides to host the Equestria Games at the Crystal Empire.

Wonderful episode. They always manage to sneak in a couple lessons and we thought it was wonderful that Princess Cadence taught Twilight Sparkle (and the audience) a self-calming technique. The lesson here seems to be to take things as they come. And that when planning large events, things are bound to go wrong. But if you do your best they tend to work themselves out. This episode really focused on the entire Mane Six and how each one of them works together to improve any situation. You know. Because friendship is magic and all.

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