Motherland: Fort Salem Cast Answers Finale Questions

The cast of Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem took to Tumblr to answer fan questions on the night of the show’s epic season finale.

Tally, Abigail, and Raelle in Motherland: Fort Salem
Photo: David Bukach / Freeform

This article contains spoilers for the Motherland: Fort Salem finale.

It’s a good thing that Motherland: Fort Salem has already been renewed for season 2 because last night’s finale left fans with a lot of questions and the fates of many characters uncertain. Fortunately, several members of the cast took to Tumblr to hype the finale with viewers and decompress with them afterwards, and answers and insights were provided by Taylor Hickson (Raelle), Jessica Sutton (Tally), Ashley Nicole Williams (Abigail), Amalia Holm (Scylla), Demetria McKinney (Sergeant Quartermain), and Lyne Renée (General Adler). Here’s some of what we learned during the Q&A from the actors portraying the three members of the main unit.

Sutton considers the season 1 finale the end of a journey, even though the story of Motherland: Fort Salem will continue. “I don’t want this experience to stop,” she said with clear emotion in her voice. “Especially with the scene towards the end where I’m in the fuselage and Tally has been ‘Biddy-fied’ and Raelle is lying there dying and Abigail has gone to her side and the unit is officially separated. And I remember going, ‘This is the moment of total surrender and letting go of everything: of the show, of the character.’ That’s the scene. That’s the moment where you just have to give it your all and, I guess in a dramatic sense, die into the moment because that’s what the characters are doing.”

Williams admitted before the episode aired that the alluded to final scene between her character and Raelle was going to leave fans hanging a bit and that it would be pretty intense. “The last two scenes — you guys are going to be shook! You’re going to be mind-blown,” she promised. “My favorite scene of all throughout every episode throughout the season is in episode ten, and that is with Taylor, so you’re going to get to see that scene, and that’s a little cliffhanger into season 2. The final scene is going to just blow your minds. You’re not going to see it coming at all!” She was certainly right about that!

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As for Hickson, she likely spoke about her finale experience before the audience learned that Motherland: Fort Salem was renewed for season 2, but she knew the ending would leave the fans thirsty for more. “I couldn’t stop screaming ‘WTF’ while reading the script,” she told fans. “It’s just every single character has an insane twist that you won’t see coming. it’ll blow your mind, and it really, really sets a path toward a hopeful season 2 if we go there. It sets it up really nicely — lots and lots going on!”

It could be a long wait before Motherland: Fort Salem returns to Freeform, but with fans engaging on Tumblr in the hundreds of thousands and the show continuously trending on the platform, the speculation is bound to continue unabated throughout the hiatus. In the meantime, the entire “Answer Time” Q&A is available on the show’s Tumblr site, and new viewers can catch up with season 1 on Hulu.