Marvel’s Loki Charms Cereal is Real…Here’s How You Can Get Some

Want to get your hungry little hands on a box of Loki Charms cereal? Of course you do. And no, we aren't making this up.

Marvel Loki Charms
Photo: Marvel/General Mills

It almost writes itself, doesn’t it? General Mills’ Lucky Charms cereal has always been known for its green-clad mascot, a mischievous fellow who is always determined to keep the “magically delicious” cereal of pink hearts, yellow stars, purple horseshoes, green clovers, blue moons, red balloons, unicorns, and rainbows away from whichever meddling animated brats are hoping to get enough sugar for breakfast to power a medium-sized city. So why wouldn’t another green-clad mischief maker, whose name just so happens to line up almost exactly with the beloved breakfast cereal be able to slip right into his place and get some delicious, Saturday-morning breakfast for himself, right?

That’s where Loki Charms becomes a reality.

General Mills will produce a limited supply of 3,500 boxes of Loki Charms cereal, and they’ll be available exclusively on for $8 a box (including shipping) beginning at 11 am EDT on June 9. Hey, what a coincidence, that’s the same day that Marvel’s Loki TV series with Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson premieres on Disney+. And you know what ELSE premieres that day? The first episode of Marvel Standom, the new weekly Den of Geek talk show where we’ll be breaking down all the secrets and weirdness of Loki.

What do these two things have to do with each other? Reader, I’m glad you asked!

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Do you want to get yourself a delicious box of Loki Charms so that you can enjoy its sugary delights while watching the new series, or maybe some old Marvel cartoons? And do you want it absolutely FREE? Subscribe to our YouTube page and we’ll announce details of how to enter to win a box of Loki Charms during our first episode of Marvel Standom. More details on the contest as well as winners will be announced in subsequent episodes.

LOKI CHARMS GIVEAWAY! Win a Box of Marvel’s Loki Charms Cereal And just to complete the picture, there's even an appropriate animated commercial, which depicts some kind of mysterious disruption in reality in which Lucky the Leprechaun disappears and is replaced by Loki himself. Wait...are the marshmallows in this cereal basically Infinity Stones for leprechauns? This opens up an entire host of questions that I'm not sure any of us are truly ready for

Sing it with us (because we know you all know the jingle): "Frosted Loki Charms, they're mischievously delicious!"

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And here's a look at the box. They really went all in for this...

Marvel's Loki Charms cereal box