Manifest Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story, and News

After a stellar season 2 finale, we're happy to report that Manifest season 3 will be moving forward on NBC to continue the tale of Flight 828.

Michaela and Zeke in Manifest
Photo: James Dimmock / NBC

There were plenty of big questions coming out of the Manifest season 2 finale, but perhaps one of the biggest mysteries has now been solved: yes, Manifest season 3 will be happening! Although there was a certain amount of closure as far as Zeke’s death date and his marriage to Michaela, there are still miles to go before we get any answers about things like the government conspiracy led by the Major or even where the callings come from in the first place and why they show up after a time jump, so it’s good to know that these hanging threads will have a chance to be addressed.

Manifest Season 3 Release Date

Although we know that Manifest season 3 will return in the first half of 2021, no specific premiere date has been set by the network. Tweets from the cast indicate that after several production delays, filming wrapped in late November of 2020.

Manifest Season 3 Cast

All of the series regular cast is returning for Manifest season 3 including Josh Dallas as Ben, Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela, J. R. Ramirez as Jared, Athena Karkanis as Grace, Luna Blaise as Olive, Parveen Kaur as Saanvi, Matt Long as Zeke, and Jack Messina as Cal.

Manifest is known to introduce many passengers of Flight 828 as guest roles, and Deadline announced in September 2020 that Holly Taylor of The Americans fame will play such a role in season 3. Taylor will recur as Angelina, a passenger who somehow escaped Ben’s notice during his thorough investigation.

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Manifest Season 3 Trailer

With delays caused by the coronavirus outbreak, NBC wanted to reassure Manifest fans that the show would indeed return for season 3. So far this is the only teaser trailer available.

Manifest Season 3 Story

Manifest made an important shift in its second season away from the relationship drama created by the five year gap in the lives of the Stone family. In season one, the show spent as much time exploring Grace having moved on with Danny and Jared having taken up with Michaela’s best friend Lourdes as it did with the central mystery of what happened to Flight 828 and its passengers. In season two, the only drama of that sort centered around the jealousy Jared had towards Zeke and his burgeoning relationship with Michaela, but they used that ill will to cover a subplot in which Jared supposedly conspired with a group opposed to the unnatural nature of the passengers return.

Like many series in their sophomore season, Manifest season 2 saw a slight downturn in overall viewership when compared to the show’s breakout season one on NBC. Whereas the first season brought in an average of 6.48 million viewers with a 1.25 rating in the key demographic according to TV Series Finale, season 2 saw almost exactly half that across the board.

However, a press release from NBCUniversal puts the rating at 1.5 and 7.7 million viewers overall in “live plus seven day” Nielsens for the series. Manifest reportedly improved the Monday 10pm hour by 88% in 18-49 rating versus NBC’s regular-program season average in the timeslot prior to the show’s debut, which likely led to the network’s decision to renew.

By concentrating on the sci-fi elements of the show, Manifest likely gained more hardcore fans of the type that enjoy unraveling puzzle box mysteries as in Lost or The 4400. If the speculation inspired by the successful season 2 finale creates word of mouth excitement around the series, there could be a larger audience waiting in the wings when season 3 arrives. Now the long wait begins for the show’s return, but we’ll update this article once we hear any news from NBC.

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