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Some of the secrets behind the demise of the Suicide Squad game have been unearthed.

“Anyone who played Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League could probably guess that something went terribly wrong during development. Bloomberg now reports that the multiplayer bomb from a studio beloved for its single-player Batman: Arkham games was plagued by several issues leading up to its repeatedly delayed launch.”

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A new LEGO movie will hit theaters for the first time in five years. However, it’s different from the previous installments.

You’ve probably watched a TV show and been impressed by the length of a one-take shot. Here are all the best of the best ones in television history.

“The oner—that is, an extended, uninterrupted take—is most synonymous with film, with standouts like Goodfellas’ ‘Copacabana shot,’ the ambush in Children Of Men, or the intro and pool-party scenes in Boogie Nights having inspired countless cinephiles to enroll in film school.”

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Disney’s latest Star Wars project, The Acolyte, has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. However, that’s nothing new for Star Wars. Here are some original reviews of the film that started it all in 1977.

“On May 25, 1977, moviegoers got their first glimpse of Star Wars, Lucas’s long-simmering space opera that would help define the concept of the Hollywood ‘blockbuster.’ While we’re still talking about the film today—plus its many sequels, spinoffs, and TV series—not every film critic would have guessed just how ingrained into the pop culture fabric Star Wars would become.”

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After a long wait, we finally have visuals from the second season of Netflix’s Arcane.

“The visual depicts Jinx hugging a seemingly frightened Vi, whom a spotlight is directed at as if shielding her from unknown terrifying forces. Accompanied by a short caption that read ‘Nothing ever stays dead,’ this image poses as a parallel of a poster from season one, which featured much younger versions of the sisters with their roles reversed.”

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