The Letter for the King: Trailer and Release Date for Netflix Fantasy Series

Netflix’s The Letter for the King adapts Tonke Dragt’s classic fantasy novel as an awe-inspiring television series.

The Letter for the King is a Netflix fantasy offering that, in the recent wake of The Witcher’s popularity, seems so abundantly tailor-made for transitional viewing that it won’t require any of its famed algorithms for a suggestion.

Much like The WitcherNetflix’s The Letter for the King is based on a book, in this case key female fantasy writer Tonke Dragt’s 1962 Dutch novel, De brief voor de Koning, an acclaimed, million-plus-selling quasi-medieval story about a young squire who becomes entrusted with the delivery of the titular memo, on which the fate of the entire kingdom hangs. The book – reprinted frequently and in several languages – has been adapted for musical theater and had a 2008 movie adaptation released in its native Netherlands.

Indeed, the Netflix-bound six-episode serial adaptation of The Letter for the King should satiate those who are anxious for the next opportunity to toss a coin to their Witcher; a moment that won’t arrive until Fall 2021.

The Letter for the King Trailer

Netflix’s The Letter for the King trailer showcases the story of unassuming adolescent wannabe knight Tiuri (Amir Wilson), who has fatefully become tasked with delivering a letter to the kingdom’s sovereign; a piece of paper containing crucial information about the treachery of prince Viridian (Gijs Blom), and possibly prevent the kingdom from falling into darkness. – Sure, the premise falls into a structurally familiar fantasy trope, but the series seems like a fun and impressive-looking offering.

Here’s the earlier teaser trailer, which is more directly expositional about the show’s story.

The Letter for the King Release Date

The Letter for the King is set for delivery on Netflix on Friday, March 20.

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The Letter for the King Cast

Star Amir Wilson, a teen actor, has already cemented himself firmly in the fantasy genre, having recently recurred on HBO’s His Dark Materials as Will Parry, a protagonist from the book source material whose role will likely increase for that show’s already-ordered second season.

Genre fans will clearly recognize the presence of two alumni from sacred fare in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, David Wenham and Andy Serkis. The former is a series regular as Sir Tiuri the Valiant, while the latter fields a smaller supporting role, likely here because his daughter, Ruby Ashbourne Serkis (Hulu’s National Treasure), is part of the main cast for the role of Livinia.

The rest of the main cast consists of Islam Bouakkaz (After Life) as Arman, Jonah Lees (Sun Records) as Jussipo and Jack Barton (Grantchester) as Foldo.

Will Davies serves as writer and showrunner, joined by directors such as Alex Holmes, Charles Martin and Felix Thompson.