Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Loses Kid Flash

Keiynan Lonsdale won't be a regular on Legends of Tomorrow Season 4.

Bad news for Kid Flash fans.

Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West kind of had a weird season, didn’t he? Quickly sidelined in during the difficult fourth season of The Flash, fans were relieved to see him return as a member of the Waverider crew during the back end of Legends of Tomorrow season three. I often had the impression that Wally had to hold back, because a speedster on that team kind of breaks things a little more than they’re already broken, but it was fun seeing Wally’s joyful earnestness interact with the often prickly Legends team.

Then he popped in for a brief, obligatory hello in the final minutes of The Flash season finale. Oh well, back to the Waverider, right?

Ummm…not so fast. TV Line reports that Lonsdale won’t be a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow this year. He’ll be around for the season premiere, but after that? It’s anybody’s guess. Furthermore, ComicBook.com has word that this doesn’t mean that Wally West is back to making regular appearances on The Flash for that show’s fifth season, either, although he’s expected to show up for the first episode of that new season, too.

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Lonsdale issued a statement on Twitter…


Of course, as many Arrowverse actors can tell you, a break doesn’t mean you can’t come back in full capacity later on, so hopefully we’ll get more Wally West on these shows down the road. Lonsdale at least leaves the door open for a return in some capacity at some point. I remain hopeful that this means Wally will cross over to another Earth so he can become part of the live action Titans TV series, but…this seems extraordinarily unlikely.

Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash return in October.