Kipo Creator Wants To Make “100 Films” In The Kipo Universe

The creator of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts gives us the rundown of just a few of the films he'd love to make and how fans can help bring them to reality.

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts Movies
Photo: DreamWorks Animation

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts is a glorious animated series that, if you somehow aren’t watching, you need to stop what you’re doing and inject it directly into your eyeballs. It’s one of the most fun, inventive, and inclusive series out there for kids and adults (with a killer soundtrack as well!) There’s only two seasons so far but Rad Sechrist, the creator of the series, already has ideas for further adventures that go beyond the scope of the main series’ story. He’s shared a few on Twitter and we asked him to elaborate on these ideas and any others he might have. 

The first film would focus on a fifteen year old Wolf, which would set the film several years after the events of the series. As Sechrist describes it, “she finds her old Wolf dad raising a new group. She’s forced into an adventure with these new kids. Like a Lone Wolf and Cub adventure.” Sechrist shared a photo of these new characters which includes another human!

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts Wolf Movie

Sechrist has already written the script for this film and teases that wrote the opening scene to the Wyclef song “Gone Till November.” 

Wolf is easily one of the best characters in Kipo and seeing her have to face down her Wolf dad after being horrifically betrayed by him would make for a damn compelling story. You also can’t help but wonder what her relationship with Justine would be like. How would Wolf react to seeing another human be taken in by the wolves? Would she try to get her away from them? Would Justine want to go? So many questions!

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The second film would focus on Benson and Troy (who are delightfully queer) searching, “for a legendary ‘Oz the Originator’ track neither of them have ever heard. They also need to end up in Mexico where Roberto (Troy’s father) is from.” 

An animated film centered on two queer teens with some great music along the way? DreamWorks, if you’re reading this, buy this movie right now. It would change the world and we’d get more Oz the Originator, which is always a good thing.

Those two ideas are only the beginning for Sechrist, who’d also love to do a backstory of the loveable Yumyan Hammerpaw. Fans are already clamoring for these films to be green lit and Sechrist says it’s all down to viewership. “If enough people watch (the series) on Netflix, Netflix will ask us for more stuff.”

Even if no one ends up buying any of these ideas though, Sechrist says he’ll make them himself. 

“I’m either going to make it as a comic or make an animatic. I just like making stuff. I’d love to make 100 films set in the world of Kipo.”