Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Sequels We Want

Although the animated Netflix series has finished its run there’s still a ton of room for more.

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts Sequels We Want
Photo: DreamWorks Animation

The following contains spoilers for Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts season 3.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts has finished its three season run… and we want more. While 30 episodes was a solid amount of time to tell its stories we can’t help but wish we had more time in Kipo’s world. We want to see more of the characters, more of the various Mutes, more of everything! Below we’ve listed just some of the movies, sequels, or even prequels we’d love to see made. DreamWorks, if you’re listening, make these happen!

Wolf Spin-off Movie

This idea is one of the closest to being possible; since creator Rad Sechrist has teased it on twitter and in an interview we did around the release of Kipo season 2. Specifically the show would follow a fifteen year-old Wolf (so this would be set after the timeskip.) Sechrist describes this possible film as, ““she finds her old Wolf dad raising a new group. She’s forced into an adventure with these new kids. Like a Lone Wolf and Cub adventure.” 

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts Wolf Movie

There’s even a photo of what the new group would look like. Sechrist says he’s written the script for the film so, DreamWorks, it’s right there for you!

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Benson/Troy Movie

A second idea Sechrist has teased would follow the delightfully queer couple of Benson and Troy searching “for a legendary ‘Oz the Originator’ track neither of them have ever heard. They also need to end up in Mexico where Roberto (Troy’s father) is from.” 

Every time we hear about this we need it more and more. A film with a killer soundtrack and two queer teens going on an adventure? Yes! Not only would this give us some badly needed queer representation but it’d also give us a chance to see more of Kipo’s world. We know so little about what happened outside of the area Kipo traveled near the city. What’s the rest of the world like? Let us see it through the eyes of Benson and Troy with Dave more than likely in tow.

The Start of the Mutes

As teased in ‘Requiem for a Dave’ this season, humanity took some time to “get used” to Mutes walking and talking. While that only made up a small portion of the episode we’re still intrigued by the images of humans in modern day outfits running around in panic or chasing after mutes. If the Kipo franchise wanted to dig deep into its world, exploring how Mutes came to exist would be fascinating. Seeing them slowly rise in prominence to point of taking over the world? We could follow an all new cast (both Mutes and humans alike) trying to make sense of this world. 

Perhaps we’d see the formation of the first burrow and the start of the various Mute colonies we saw in the series. Maybe we’d see the birth of the Daves. The possibilities are endless! This would work best as a series so we could dive deep into how it all began and the initial fallout.

The Further Adventures of Yumyan Hammperpaw

We’re still not ever Yumyan being “cured” and turned back into a regular cast. We miss our powerful yet sensitive cat leader who “owns you all!” There are two different avenues this film or series could follow. One is a prequel that follows how he rose to be leader of the Timbercats. They all respect him for his strength and bravery, what has Yumyan done to earn such high regard from his fellow Timbercats? We’d love to see where it all started for him

The other avenue is set after the time skip at the end of the third season. Yes, the adventures of Yumyan as a regular cat. Imagine him still somehow being strong and brave but he’s just a regular cat! This could be a wacky comedic adventure but with the right tone and music it could be the epic adventure you never expected. Let that cat save the world, even if he can’t hold an axe!

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Finding An Anti-Cure For the Mutes

While Kipo and friends seemed pretty happy, we wonder if there isn’t another big adventure they could all have. What if Kipo was determined to find an anti-cure of sorts to bring back Yumyan and the others who were cured by Emilia? Where would they have to travel to find the ingredients needed? Perhaps someone else out there is experimenting with humans and Mutes. This could lead to a whole new adventure and yet another chance to see more of the world. 

Honestly we want this idea mostly to bring Yumyan back. We can’t get over what happened to him!

The Return of Emilia?

This one is a bit of a stretch. Emilia’s story arc was neatly wrapped up when she disappeared into Fun Gus. That doesn’t mean she’s gone for good however. Kipo and the others managed to escape from him so maybe Emilia could find a way out, even if it’s years after the fact. 

What would happen if Kipo was living a happy life and suddenly Emilia, not in her right mind after years trapped inside Fun Gus, appears? What would she do? Would she find a way to help Emilia or would she finally be forced to finish off her greatest enemy? This would make a great movie coda to the series, with Kipo forced to make a decision about Emilia rather than have it taken away from her by Fun Gus.

What sort of sequels or prequels would you like to see in the Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts universe?