Justified: The Hunt Review

Justified, season 6, episode 7 makes a fool's bet on torture, murder and money. Here is our review.

“I don’t want this guy going all Eric Frien on us, holed up in some derelict airport for weeks while we’re running around chasing our own dicks.”  – Rachel Brooks

It seems that most of the characters are hunting for something or someone, which is in keeping with the episode title, “The Hunt.” It’s both literal and figurative. The FBI is searching for Ty Walker, as he seeks answers to his current predicament. Available ground and aerial law enforcement personnel are trying to cobble together clues to his whereabouts as he’s been compromised on a few fronts. Ty’s a wiry man who has shown he can be resourceful. After he’s nursed his ego and wounds, I suspect he’ll visit Avery and his new redheaded lieutenant.

Avery Markham’s plan isn’t unfolding as he would’ve liked since he rolled into Harlan with his illegal agenda. He’s a stubborn old man who seems to believe he’ll still be able to accomplish his goal with a skeleton crew. In most criminal organizations, it’s usually every man for himself, loyalty be damned. Previous episodes gave viewers the impression that Markham’s mercenaries were in it for the long haul. When human nature and personality conflicts come into play, only a fool would bet their money on a group motivated by torture, murder and money.

When the strongest sergeant falls on hard times, the boss immediately shifts the focus for a replacement from one of the underlings. There’s always a disgruntled lieutenant chomping at the bit for a promotion. Loyalty among criminals is sometimes traded, bought and sold. The boss knows and counts on this, not so much because he’s the smartest, sharpest or fastest in the room, but the one who had the original idea to organize unsavory characters into a loose knit group.

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All Boyd’s ever wanted is Ava’s loyalty and love. He’s smart enough to have not expected loyalty from most of the misfits in his circle. Ava’s wanted a storybook romance since her days as a high school cheerleader, and who later married Boyd’s abusive brother, Bowman. Boyd wouldn’t put a price on Ava’s feelings for him, however he wouldn’t turn down cash and door prizes if they’re within reach. If it comes down to Ava’s betraying him, there’d few apologies and fixes that’d prevent Boyd from showing his disapproval.

Raylan’s trying to figure out who he is, or wants to be as a father, having had little to no time with his daughter. He’s grown comfortable in his role as a lawman, but will he be able to do the same for his daughter, Willa? Ex-wife and mother of his child, Winona, tried her hand at being a long-distance co-parent, but thus far it hasn’t been ideal. Maybe it’ll come to pass that they’re not a mismatch. I’d venture that they’ve been hunting for someone like each other through countless partners, but only now after the birth of their child are they able to recognize what matters.

 “You can be with me, and still be you. Is that something you want?” – Winona

When their backs are against the wall, desperate people oftentimes do unpredictable, yet realistic things to live yet another hour or day. What will Ty do to right the injustices he feels he’s suffered? How will Ava save herself from Boyd’s wrath and staring down the barrel of a shotgun if her secrets are revealed?

Will their love be strong enough to endure a fallout, or will Boyd feel compelled to kill Ava and Raylan? 

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3.5 out of 5