Nashville: Road Happy Review

In tonight’s episode of Nashville, everyone’s a daddy, Juliette eats cupcakes, and Rayna rocks a side pony tail. Here’s our review...

Other than Glenn and Will, who are at best, tertiary characters, I can’t think of any guy on Nashville who is now not a father. Juliette finally told Avery about their baby (with a four word text) and Gunnar figures out his first girlfriend’s nine-year-old son is his by doing mental math. Deacon’s mad about Luke hanging out with his daughter Maddie, and Avery has the best line of the night; “I have a sad-dad apartment.”

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Zoey ignores logic and reason and sifts through clothing in her empty bosses dressing room so she can overhear about Juliette’s pregnancy for the sake of plot. This prompts Juliette to text Avery, who is doing court-ordered community service, “I’m pregnant. It’s yours.” Way to tell him first before Zoey had a chance to Juliette. A+ for effort.


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With their overused devices and throwaway lines, you sometimes forget this show is weekly instead of daily like mid-afternoon soap operas. Tonight’s trope was “overhearing something that wasn’t meant for you to hear” and was used three times too many. First was Zoey overhearing Juliette is pregnant, second was Deacon overhearing Will and his personal trainer having a lovers spat and third was Derek Hough, once again. overhearing that Juliette is pregnant. Nothing would make me happier than an entire episode where no one directly talks to each other about stuff. They just overhear the information standing in various hallways.


Juliette can’t catch her breath on stage so she walks off hyperventilating and NO ONE COMES TO MAKE SURE SHE IS OKAY except for Derek Hough. Can you imagine that shit happening to Rayna? Juliette should fire her entire team. How do you walk off stage in the middle of performing and not have a medic meet you immediately? She passes out in Derek’s arms for a cliffhanger to next week, but not before Zoey finishes Juliette’s song center stage!


  • Is it just me or does the title of this episode, “Road Happy,” sound like a play on words for “Road Head”? That makes it especially creepy being that this episode is all about kids, no?
  • Scarlett makes friends with a crazy hobo with the voice of an angel. I hope they start dating.
  • No director would be excited about their stars deciding the blocking of a scene, so I laughed when Derek Hough says Juliette should be on top of him for the sex scene and the director is all “I love it!”
  • Boring Mayor using his executive privilege to get a woman’s parking ticket expunged because she paid attention to him. He’s so sad. He and Avery should share a sad-dad apartment together.

I give this episode 3 out of 5 stars. One for my heart breaking for Maddie when she opens a tabloid that says “Saddie Maddie; Rayna’s plain jane daughter” which would be upsetting for an adult star let alone a child of a star, another for Deacon being a great guy and trying to help Will after his horrific hate-crime beating in the park, and a third for Rayna’s side ponytail at the bowling alley. This episode loses a star for Rayna’s daughters being little assholes and their parents continuing to do nothing about it except say “hey now” or reward them with trips to the mall, but gets another star for Gunnar getting a kid he doesn’t need out of nowhere. 

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3 out of 5