Justified: Alive Day review

Justified continues to keep the audience and its characters guessing in "Alive Day." Here's Kendall's review...

This Justified review contains spoilers.

“I hate to interrupt what I hope was a touching reunion.”  – Boyd Crowder

Avery Markham can’t be trusted, and trusts those closest to him far less. It’s interesting that he doesn’t have a bodyguard shadowing him at all times.  A man with his dark past ought to always look both ways before crossing the street, have someone walk ahead of him in all confined spaces, and taste his food.

Tonight’s episode is entitled “Alive Day”, which makes sense on several levels. Avery felt alive when embracing a woman he’d just as soon have killed, make love to, or marry. Katherine’s heart raced as her mind wondered if Avery was trying to pull a fast one over on her or if she could really trust him. Two poisonous snakes trying to slow their heartbeats as they stood intertwined. Katherine’s fully aware of the cost of getting caught with her designer pantyhose around her ankles.

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Choo Choo felt alive when extinguishing another person’s life. Avoiding Avery’s wrath and perhaps having a bullet in the back of their head kept his crew’s adrenaline pumping through their bodies.

Markham has no family or friends to live for, and this makes him dangerous. A man who has nothing or no one to get him out of bed in the mornings can be reckless.

Katherine has been operating from a place of vengeance this season. She thinks Avery snitched on her ex-husband, Grady, and had him killed while in prison. Ms. Hale has her daughter and her grandchildren to keep her going, even though she’d never admit it. Wynn has Mikey watching his back in their odd bromance. Mikey would take a bullet for Wynn without being asked.

Markham’s henchmen need to be reined in before they cause more death and destruction. Bodies have been accumulating over the last few episodes, and tonight’s chapter was no exception. Avery prefers to keep his hands clean, the reason for his hired assassins who are afraid of double-crossing, betraying, or disappointing him.

The writers have placed several wicker baskets alternately filled with venomous and harmless snakes. The obvious goal would be choosing a basket that would ensure continued life for a few more days or weeks, until the next threat arises.

Uncle Zachariah has a good memory and doesn’t want Boyd to forget what Bowman did to Ava before she ended his life. He’s operating more from personal hatred than upholding Ava’s honor.

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Ava and Boyd are engaged in their own version of snake charmer and snake, but Ava’s rekindled feelings for Raylan have further muddied her head and confused her heart. Does Ava really want a clean break with a new identity and fifty thousand dollars in cash? Or is Ava too far gone that she can’t turn back, and will ultimately be loyal to Boyd? What will she do – follow her heart or head?

She might not have a final choice in the matter if the mongoose, Limehouse, divulges information Ava didn’t think to ask him not to disclose. We’ll have to wait until next week to see how many of those wicker baskets Limehouse stirs or turns upside down, freeing the slithering killers throughout the tents.


3.5 out of 5