Justified: Collateral Review

Raylan is off the grid and Avery's got nothing left to lose on Justified season 6, episode 12. Here is our review.

Raylan’s off the grid on a personal mission to capture Boyd before he catches and kills Ava and Uncle Zachariah hidden in the Kentucky mountains with ten million dollars. Their outdoor skills and chances of survival look rather grim. Hopefully their ego and pride won’t spell the end of them.

Agent Vasquez is at the end of his patience with the Lexington locals protecting Raylan. He wants this manhunt over and done, but forgets how loyal they are to each other in the office.

Raylan’s playing a dangerous game, not that Avery Markham or Boyd would suddenly fight honorably with his credentials resting on the front seat of the black sedan. Raylan’s determined to clean up the mess he helped create. It’s not entirely his fault. Ava has always had mixed loyalties between the two men who occupy opposite sides of her heart.

Zachariah’s operating from a place of pure spite for Boyd, and indifference toward Raylan. Ava’s trying to muster up enough adrenaline to combat the fear streaming throughout her body. The cabin on the hill feels both remote and too close for comfort as those pursuing the money draw nearer with each passing hour.

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Avery’s lost the last person he loved and the stakes will be higher because he’s nothing left to lose. He’ll be out for revenge with Wynn Duffy in his crosshairs. His new trigger happy minion will be chomping at the bit to do his bidding. He’s not shot someone with his shiny revolver in quite some time.

Boyd’s antics and too predictable escapes are necessary to keep the story moving. Raylan and Avery need someone to pursue, and Boyd’s a bigger target than Wynn who’s planning his next illegal scheme solo in the wake of Mickey’s demise. We’ll have to wait and see how their Western dueling pans out leading up to the series finale.

Bob tracked down Ava who didn’t make it too far along on her big escape. I hoped for once that he wouldn’t have been a simpleton and heeded Ava’s warning, but alas, he wanted to stand sentry. Earning brownie points and getting his hair tousled by Raylan outweighed his common sense, and he paid the price.

The night scene on the hill with Raylan and Boyd was nothing more than a filler to prolong the episode. It’d be redundant to shoot again Boyd so soon after Ava shot him, and it’d be anticlimactic to injure Raylan this close to the end of the series.

Avery was fast to replace Katherine with Loretta. However, will Boone be able to control himself with his temptation ever-present? The heat’s on with an injured Bob and Raylan in custody. I don’t think Agent Vasquez will catch Boyd, so he’ll have to release Raylan to complete the task. Markham’s a wounded, vengeful animal sniffing after Wynn who he thinks is responsible for Katherine’s current state.

The bulk of the money remains hidden somewhere in the mountains, and Zachariah’s not around to divulge the location. I wouldn’t be surprised if Avery were to torture Ava as double payback for Boyd’s conspiring with Katherine and the theft. Pivotal questions need to be answered next week. I hope enough are resolved credibly, and that they will maintain Elmore Leonard’s integrity. 

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3 out of 5