It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 8, Episode 4: Charlie and Dee Find Love, Review

Four episodes into season eight, Sunny makes a defiant statement. They still got it.

And for the time being, Charlie finally gets it. To open “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” a confrontation outside the waitress’s house leads to her telling our Philly boy that it is time to move on and he follows suit. 

Here’s the kicker: after eight seasons of following around the waitress, another woman has stolen Charlie’s heart. When Charlie and Dee leave the waitress’s house, they get into a fender bender with handsome Trevor Taft and his beautiful sister Ruby.

A double date ensues and Charlie and Dee take Mac’s advice to not act “anything like themselves.” The Tafts are refreshed my Charlie and Dee’s behavior because they are the opposite of the people they usually hang out with.

When Dennis and Mac see the date is going so well they become skeptical of the Tafts’ motives. Dennis believes rich people have a plot to embarrass the lower class and impress all their rich friends and it proves to be true. 

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But first we get to the moment when Charlie lets go. 

While walking in front of the waitress’s house with Ruby, Charlie explains that before they can go any further she must know that he once loved another woman. Then enters the waitress who explains that someone has been poisoning her (Frank) and she needs Charlie’s help. At that point Charlie tells the waitress he’s moved on and Ruby is his girlfriend. They kiss and leave Charlie’s former love in the dust.

The episode was going all too well for the gang, so in a Sunny turn of events, it all starts to unravel in the last five minutes. Dee and Mac are invited to a gala event as Trevor’s guests and find out that he only liked them because he could show his rich, frat boy friends video of how stupid they are. Dennis comes in to save the day as he gets film of Mac and Trevor wrestling. A slipped stock tip is enough to ruin Trevor in front of his Dad’s company. When the waitress is hospitalized and needs Charlie Dennis lets him make the choice between Ruby and his former love.

And Charlie reveals his motives.

In one of Sunny’s best twist episodes, Charlie ditches the beautiful Ruby, proclaiming that she was an easy lay because she was a rich slut and that he wanted to use her to make the waitress jealous. Truly one of the greatest moments in the history of a character who has had many of them.

Sunny Moments: 

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Charlie digs his face into the plate of fancy cheese – “We’re not the blue blood fancy types”

Disguised in a ski mask, Frank puts rat poison in the waitress’s shampoo and then chases her out of the house when he gets caught in the act. 

Mac and Trevor oiled up, wrestling on camera in Dennis’ room. “If you’re in my room you’re always being filmed”

Sunniest Moment: 

The element of surprise wins here. I’ll let Dennis leave us with the perfect summary.

“I guess Charlie had the cruelest intentions of all.”

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